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Hi guys,

I’ve been wanting to write a blog on snacks for so long! It’s actually something I find pretty challenging, or I have in the past anyway! Is this something you struggle with too? My kids are ALWAYS asking for snacks… constantly!! Do your kids ask constantly as well or is that just mine?! It’s the first thing Alfie asks for when I pick him up from school. He comes out of school totally ravenous and tired –  HANGRY is definitely how i would describe him some days!!…He most certainly needs refuelling so finding something filling, healthy and something he actually likes can be a challenge! I do buy shop bought snacks too, we’re fans of Nakd bars, Belvitas, YoYo bears, Soreen etc but they definitely don’t have these all of the time! I do bake snacks too when I can, muffins, banana bread and of course these energy bars which I love but I don’t always have time to keep up the stock levels!


As well as having an after school snack they also have a little something just before bedtime too – i’ve talked about this before I think, no idea how we have fallen into this routine but it’s definitely become a fixed part of the bedtime routine but that therefore means i’m constantly trying to think of healthy ideas to fill their tummies…and here lie the reasons i’ve come to compile a list of ideas….so that I can refer to it when i need some inspiration! Don’t get me wrong sometimes they’ll just have a piece of fruit or a piece of toast with peanut butter in the evenings but I do also like to offer them a bit of variety as well and i think they like that too!

So yes that’s why I thought i’d compile a list and then also share it here with you guys in the hope it helps you too!! I would also LOVE your help!…..if you have any snack ideas that aren’t on the list and would like to share please do and maybe we can compile a bigger list for everyone!! 

So here is the spreadsheet which you can download and pop onto your fridge so when your child asks you for a snack you’ll be well armed! Well that’s the hope anyway!

JUST CLICK HERE: Snack ideas

A few of my faves are here for you… I hope they are fairly self explanatory but if you need further info/recipes etc just shout, you know where I am! Most of them are quick and throw them together kind of ideas but some are ideas around what you could bake. I may do a separate blog on baked snacks with specific recipes but for now these are supposed to be easy and quick snacks! Hope it helps a little!


Raspberries filled with chocolate chips
Trail Mix – pretzels, mini breadsticks, cereal, apricots, cashew nuts, chocolate chips, banana chips…
Cucumber with peanut butter boats and egg boats
Pinwheels – sweet with cinnamon or savoury with ham and pesto, tomato and cheese??
Sheet pan pancake – takes 10 minutes in the oven, slice up and go!
Crunchy croutons – can be dipped in oil, humous…
Pinwheel sandwiches, veggie and fruit kebabs, sweet potato crisps
Sweet potato toast with peanut butter and almonds


Frozen banana lollies!
Fruit kebabs – these have got those nakd bites on the end and then styled into a hand!!!
Large rice cake with peanut butter and fruit..or try peanut butter, banana and flaked almonds!
Date, almond butter and almonds
Roasted root vegetable crisps
Apple slices with nut butter and almonds – try drizzling over some melted chocolate spread too! YUM!
Apple crisps
Banana and peanut butter wheels
Energy balls – these can be frozen too!


For when the sunshine eventually comes out!
Egg muffins
Cucumber and carrots wrapped in cooked chicken strips or you could use ham?
Simple yet effective!!
Roasted chickpeas – savoury or sweet??


So yeah a few ideas for you….obviously not an exhaustive list let me know if you have anything else to add!!! I can link to your website too if you have one?

I really hope you like this and find it helpful!


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