Kids Snacks and Label Reading

Hello, hello! Well it was about time I actually got round to writing a blog post this year.....BUT I have very good reason to today! Before Christmas the lovely Catherine, a Registered Nutritionist from¬†Catherine Lippe Nutrition¬†gave up her time to talk to me about all things snacks and what the labels on these snacks actually … Continue reading Kids Snacks and Label Reading

Fudgy Energy Bars

Thanks so so much for voting over on Instagram for the recipes you'd like to see here on my website. Really helps to know which recipes you guys like! It does take a while to write these up so it helps to know that the recipes I am writing up are the recipes you've all … Continue reading Fudgy Energy Bars

Snack Ideas

Hi guys, I've been wanting to write a blog on snacks for so long! It's actually something I find pretty challenging, or I have in the past anyway! Is this something you struggle with too? My kids are ALWAYS asking for snacks... constantly!! Do your kids ask constantly as well or is that just mine?! … Continue reading Snack Ideas

Chocolate Covered Almonds

So simple it's not really a recipe but if you're after a sweet yet healthyish treat after dins then this may well be your answer! It really is so quick and simple: You'll need: 1 cup of Almonds, whole, raw and unsalted 100g dark chocolate, broken into pieces - Go for the best you can, … Continue reading Chocolate Covered Almonds

Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Chickpeas

If you're looking for a guilt free snack then this may be the answer. The great thing about these is that you can play around with the flavours. I've made them with cumin, ground coriander and chilli powder, you could do simple salt and pepper but I think these one's may be my favourite and … Continue reading Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Chickpeas