Weeky Meal Plan w/c 2nd July

So here is the latest planner with the shopping list attached. I have been inpsired by instagram a lot this week so am using some of the fab accounts i follow as inspiration to my planner next week. Check out the below for further details on the recipe i’m using and of course check out the shopping list too!

Hope you enjoy!

Shopping List w/c 2nd July

weekly plan w:c 2nd July v2.jpg


Monday – Veggie roll ups. Super simple recipe using puff pastry, fill with veggies, passata and cheese, roll up and then cut into rounds and then bake in the oven. If it’s still super sunny i may make these in advance and then take a little picnic out to the green where Alfie does his footy and we can have a picnic there! I see my insta friend Jemma from Feeding_little_ones cook similar roll ups so am going to give my own version a whirl…here’s the link to my version… Veggie Packed Puff Pastry Roll Ups


Tuesday – Shakshuka. Adult tea tonight so lots of yummy smokey tomato flvours going on with some delicious eggs on top! Serve with a side salad and some crusty bread…perhaps even eaten outdoors! The recipe for this is inspired by a few ladies i’ve seen cook this recently, Judianne from  Quick Healthy Family Meals and Caroline from Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies

Here’s my version….. Shakshuka with Chorizo & Griddled Halloumi


Wednesday – Chicken traybake. A super easy and quick to prepare chicken traybake with honey and lemon…perfect mid week meal. Here’s the link: Chicken and Rice Traybake


Thursday – Lamb mince naan pizza inspired by Easy Peasy Foodie

Friday – Freezer stash. Hubby and I are out for dins so i’ll have a look in the freezer and whip something out in the morning ready for their tea! I always have a ton of things in there!

Saturday – Pork lettuce wraps. Now i’m not sure how the kids will do with this in lettuce but they can always pop theirs into a taco or a wrap…the pork i think they’ll love and again this recipe is inspired by the lovely Sophie from thescandicook over on instagram.

Sunday – We are meeting up with some friends for the day so hopefully a Mama’s day off!



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