Chicken and Rice Traybake

So who wants to spend the evening washing up?! No i didn't think so....that's where this dish comes in handy...all cooked in one pot in the oven - hassle free! There are so many variations to this...i've cooked this delicious Chicken Tikka Traybake  before and it was YUM! This is exactly the same could marinade … Continue reading Chicken and Rice Traybake

Weeky Meal Plan w/c 2nd July

So here is the latest planner with the shopping list attached. I have been inpsired by instagram a lot this week so am using some of the fab accounts i follow as inspiration to my planner next week. Check out the below for further details on the recipe i'm using and of course check out … Continue reading Weeky Meal Plan w/c 2nd July

Weekly Meal Plan w/c 18th June

Another meal planner for you lovely lot. A very simplified week this week as hubby is away all week! WAHHHH!!!..Off to Berlin for work shmirk so it’s me and the kids..BUT here is the planner for you which i hope you and your little one’s will enjoy if you also join in on any of … Continue reading Weekly Meal Plan w/c 18th June

Sticky Chicken Traybake

An easy one tonight...I mean is my weekly meal planner even a meal planner without a traybake! I love them!!! Hope you love this one too. It's totally inspired by this recipe: Sticky Chicken I've switched things a tiny bit so here's what I did: Start by making some slashes in your chicken, you can use … Continue reading Sticky Chicken Traybake