Weekly Meal Planner w/c 26th March

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a good week.

I just wanted to send out next week’s meal plan together with the shopping lists etc. Next week I don’t get back from my little mini break (whoop i’m so excited! Sorry!!)  until very late on Monday so Monday tea is all down to Daddy! Think he’ll cope!..meanwhile hopefully i’ll be sipping on a cool glass of bubbles or sundowner by the pool before heading back to the UK! All good things must come to an end?! Who said that!?!

Anyway, shopping list from Tuesday onwards is just a click away!..just click here: SHOPPING LIST 26th MARCH

Tuesday: Asian Beef Stir Fry – I’ll be back on duty on Tuesday so a quick and easy stir fry to get me back into the zone! Packed full of flavours. I may have to deconstruct this slightly to appease the little ones. Will see how we go!…anyway here’s the full recipe for you! Just click the link: Asian Beef Stir Fry


Wednesday: Turkey Mince Pie. I saw this recipe on GREAT BRITISH CHEFS so I am going to give this a go..or my variation of! Layering up mince with mash potato and topping with cheese! Sounds good to me! They add an egg and some flour to their mash potato to hold the potato together making cutting easier so i’m going to try this too!


For the full recipe and method click this link: Minced Turkey Pie

Thursday: Slow Cooker Ham. As the Easter hols are starting i thought it would be a good idea to cook a big ham and then hopefully there will be lots left over for lunches etc while the kids are off so my plan is to cook a slow cooked sticky ham, throw a fried egg on top and then make some crouton soldiers to dip into the egg..that’s the plan anyway!

I’m going to use this recipe so click on the link for the how to!:

Slow Cooker Ham with Sticky Ginger Glaze

Good Friday: Tempura Fish and Chips: I’m going to follow the LIZZIE LOVES HEALTHY recipe for the tempura and then serve with some homemade chips and peas no doubt! Traditionally you’re not supposed to eat meat on Good Friday so this seemed like a good night to choose some fish. It’s also Alfie’s fave!!

Saturday: Picky Lunch: We’re going to have a bit of a fridge raid lunch, lots of ham hopefully, i might make some pinwheels from pastry with ham and pesto, some sandwiches, roasted veggies perhaps and cheese and crackers…that type of thing. I’ll throw it all onto a board and we’ll just pick!! These are actually my favourite type of meals although i always eat way more than i should!!

Easter Sunday – Herb Crusted Roast Lamb: Easter Sunday, well you obviously have to have roast lamb! I’m going to make a breadcrumby, herby crust and roast a lamb shoulder in the oven and serve with tons of veggies and roast potatoes and hopefully a delicious gravy!

…and that’s another week! Just like that! Hope you’ve found some inspo here for your meal plans! I’ll of course update this page as I go along each evening next week including all the recipes and step by steps so be sure to check back!


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