Slow Cooker Chicken Curry

I had a lot of love for this slow cooked chicken curry over on instagram...thank you!...and for those that saved the recipe and have tried it i'd love to know what you think! This is a super mild curry so perfect for little palates and a great intro into spices...if you do want more of … Continue reading Slow Cooker Chicken Curry

Chicken Skewers with Chorizo Couscous

Hello! I'm back with another delicious recipe...well i hope you think it is! Other than the time marinating your chicken this is actually SUPER SPEEDY and tasty too! Lots of you have been requesting this recipe so I really hope this doesn't disappoint and that your family love this one! So let's get straight to … Continue reading Chicken Skewers with Chorizo Couscous

Slow Cooked Pesto Chicken

Firstly let me apologise for the photos for this. It's so hard to make a slow cooker meal look pretty?! Hmmm need to find a way!...but i can tell you both kids gobbled this up and this is saying something as my eldest daughter, Maisie, doesn't like pesto...apparently!!! The slow cooking of this really mellows … Continue reading Slow Cooked Pesto Chicken

Chicken and Rice Traybake

So who wants to spend the evening washing up?! No i didn't think so....that's where this dish comes in handy...all cooked in one pot in the oven - hassle free! There are so many variations to this...i've cooked this delicious Chicken Tikka Traybake  before and it was YUM! This is exactly the same could marinade … Continue reading Chicken and Rice Traybake

Coronation Chicken

Back to the 80's with this one but it might be an oldie but it's a goodie!!..super quick too and also a fab way to use up any leftover chicken you have...or in this case leftover pork! I slow cooked Pork yesterday so am using the leftovers in this one tonight but of course chicken … Continue reading Coronation Chicken

Chicken Goujons with Sesame & honey

Hi guys, So this was a very easy and straight forward meal tonight. Alfie had a playdate so i kept things simple and we had clean plates all round!! The key to this, as always, is the prep. Make sure you lay your bowls and baking tray out first before you start dipping...So for this … Continue reading Chicken Goujons with Sesame & honey

Pulled chicken Pitta’s with coleslaw

Evening!! How are we all? Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine and the wedding celebrations if that's your bag? Personally i loved it and thought Meghan looked stunning and Harry didn't scrub up too badly either!!.. ..but i digress let's get back to food. Tonight on the meal planner is slow … Continue reading Pulled chicken Pitta’s with coleslaw

Chicken and Rice Casserole

So today was one of those days where you make it up as you go along! I had a busy day prepping food for tomorrow's dinner party so this was a throw it all in and hope for the best!...and quite often it's these type of meals which end up being the most successful! we … Continue reading Chicken and Rice Casserole

Sticky Chicken Traybake

An easy one tonight...I mean is my weekly meal planner even a meal planner without a traybake! I love them!!! Hope you love this one too. It's totally inspired by this recipe: Sticky Chicken I've switched things a tiny bit so here's what I did: Start by making some slashes in your chicken, you can use … Continue reading Sticky Chicken Traybake