Weekly Meal Plan w/c 9th July

Another week guys…which also means another week closer to the school hols! I don’t know about you but my kids are crawling to the finish line!!…Not long though..

This weeks’ meal plan is slightly paired back…the hubby is away (again!!!) for the week so just me and the kids..we’ve got a few things on after school next week and i’ve got loads packed in..trying to get organised before our hols..so i’m going to try and really simplify things this week and do lots of cook once eat twice type meals but using the ingredients in slightly different ways so it doesn’t feel like ground hog day!

So here’s the plan and i’ll briefly talk you through it…Oh and before i do that here’s the shopping list too: Shopping List 9th July

Weekly Meal Plan w:c 9th July.jpg


MONDAY: Loaded potato skins..So on Monday i’m going to bake some potatoes and use the skins as a sort of nacho base, i’ll pop them back in the oven once i’ve removed the inner potato to crisp them up… and then make a delicious lamb mince to load on top..add some sour cream and red onion etc and we can all dig in! So the skins i’ll use tonight and then i’m going to use the inner potato to make mash for Friday night’s shepherds pies! I”m going to make double the batch of lamb mince too so some for tonight and then also, you guessed it, for Friday’s shepherds pies…so i should have two meals from one nights cooking!

Tuesday – Chicken and Lentil salad. Kids have packed teas on a Tuesday so just me but i’m going to roast a whole chicken and then have some of that with a light lentil salad with feta, tomato, mint and red onion…

Wednesday – Chicken Pasties….and then with the leftover chicken from Tuesday night i’m going to cook some veg and then combine to make some pasties. We may well need to eat on the run as the kids have dentist appts at funny times so we may have to have these on the run! (and then quickly brush our teeth!!!)

Thursday – Pan fried fish with pancetta and peas. Which i think i’ll serve with some gnocchi! Should be a predominantly one pan meal which we all love to save on wasing up!

Friday -Shepherds Pie Hubby and I are out but as per my prep on Monday we should have these delicious shepherds pie’s for the kids with minimal fuss or cooking!


Saturday – Tortilla bites. We’re fairly busy on Saturday too as it’s Alfie’s party in the afternoon !!! Can’t believe he’s nearly 5…we’re going donutting!!!…and Maisie has a party in the morning but we’ll need some lunch to get us through so i’ll make some tortilla bites and add these with some picky bits from the fridge! Nice and easy on a busy day!

Sunday – we’re out to a christening. Hubby and I have been asked to be god parents and are very honoured so will be a lovely day celebrating! Can’t wait!

That’s it – super easy and actually not too much cooking involved this week! Hop over to instgram to watch me cook each meal and show you lots of step by steps!!

Have a good week!!!


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