Weekly Meal Planner w/c 23rd April

So another week has flown by…it’s been a bit strange getting back into routine after a couple of weeks off but I have to say it’s also been quite nice!…not the early mornings but the routine! I do like a bit of routine! (hmm perhaps I need to get out more!!!)

Anyway here is the plan for next week. An exciting week as we have a Foodini Club kit heading our way to try out!! It’s a fab way to get kids involved in cooking so Maisie is going to cook us all dinner on Thursday! Keep posted as well on Thursday for news of a giveaway!!

As always here is the shopping List for you all!  Shopping List 23rd April Are these helpful??

So yes on the planner we have:

Monday – Egg burritos. Super simple start to Monday. Kids no longer have swimming on a Monday!! Ha now you won’t hear me banging on about it each week!!!…they are having swimming at school so we’ve sacked it off this term and will hopefully restart next term…anyway sorry back to food…yes so Monday’s now won’t be packed teas and separate adult teas…we’ll have the usual family meal! A quick and easy one tonight though with some egg burritos. I’m pretty sure the kids will wolf this one down!



Tuesday – Chicken Skewers. Alfie has a friend coming over for a playdate so will do some quick  marinated chicken skewers and serve with some rice and veggies…hopefully our dinner guest will approve!..and always the link is just here: Asian Chicken Skewers


Wednesday – Sausage, broccoli and potato bake. I’m going to try and make a one pot bake in the oven dish here with a cheese sauce. I’ve mentioned before that my daughter has a suspected dairy intolerance. We’ve taken dairy out of her diet for months now and her tummy issues have totally cleared up so we’re introducing it back into her diet. It seems to be ok…she still has oat milk and dairy free butter but i’m going to give this a whirl with some cheese and see how she gets on.The experimenting continues!

Just click here for the full recipe! Sausage, Broccoli & Potato Bake


Thursday – FOODINI CLUB NIGHT!!! Stay tuned for this one! I’m excited to try this!

Friday – Doner Kebab fakeaway inspired by mob kitchen Looks pretty darn tasty and perfect for a Friday fakeway meal!

Saturday – Salmon Pasta Pesto – we all had this for lunch and it was yummy..a sneaky addition of some toasted breadcrumbs, crispy kale, salmon and parmesan added to pasta and pesto! If you’d like the full recipe for this then let me know!

salmon pasta pesto.JPG


Sunday – Roast Lamb. This was a make up as you go along herb and mustard crust roast lamb and it was deeelicous! I made some incisions into the lamb and shoved some garlic cloves into the incisions. Then i added some mixed dried herbs and oregano…next a layer of wholegrain mustard and then in a food processor I whizzed up parsley, breadcrumbs, olive oil, lemon juice salt and pepper..and then patted that onto the top. All roasted in the oven for around 1 hour…YUM! Accompanied with cabbaage, peas and roasted honey parsnips and crispy roast potatoes. xx



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