Week 3 Food Planner

Week 3 planner.jpg

Hi everyone,

How did last week go? Any particular likes or dislikes? Would love to hear your comments! So let’s get cracking….

Monday – picnic tea

Why not try something like this? These warburton toasties are great, but pitta would do the same thing?! We’ve got chicken bites, some sausages, strawberries and grapes with some roasted cashew nuts, strawberries, carrots and cucumber.


Tuesday – Oven baked chicken with sweet potato rounds, courgettes and carrots.


Oven baked chicken.jpg


Wednesday – Bangers and mash! This is always a winner in our household – yum!


Thursday – Fish wraps. Homemade fish goujons. If you’re tight for time, shop bought will obviously do the trick but these are really simple and the kids love helping with the dipping part!…so wholewheat flour, egg and then fresh breadcrumbs then bake in the oven. Simple. Pop these into some soft tortilla’s with some iceberg lettuce and some tzatziki or hummus in Alfie’s case!! Easy and quick.



Friday – Muffin pizzas. It’s Friday after all so why not go for pizza – these are slightly healthier alternative and really quick to make! Why not try a pesto base and then top with your kids favourite pizza toppings!

IMG_0531 2

Saturday – Turkey meatloaf with beans.

I use this recipe from BBC. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/turkey-meatloaf

Try putting a can of kidney beans instead of one of the tins of cannellini beans. Clean plates here! Easy and healthy! Serve with veg and mini roast sweet and new potatoes. If you have any leftover the turkey meatloaf is pretty tasty cold! Cut into slices and pop into lunchboxes. Alfie is a fan!



Sunday – Roast lamb with roasted carrots and parsnips and minted peas with wholegrain rice and of course lots of gravy!!

See you all next week i hope!



4 thoughts on “Week 3 Food Planner

  1. Another great blog filled with inspiration! Im going to try the muffins pizza’s, that looks a lot of fun! Last week I made the lemon chicken marinade and it was delicious, thank you so much xxxx


  2. I am loving these menu plans, so inspiring! The buffet style pre-prepped breakfast is making life easier in this household too – the children love it and tuck straight in without the usual 15 minutes of coaxing them to pick something, which is a game changer in the morning – I prefer it too! Thanks and keep it up please!


    1. Thank you SO much! That’s amazing to hear!!..yep it’s all about the prep, it makes such a difference in this household too..here’s to calmer mealtimes all round!..thanks so much for following! xx


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