Chicken Milanese

Who doesn't like anything coated in breadcrumbs and gently fried in oil or butter!!?  In particular this is usually a favourite with kids...the crunchy coating always seems to be a winner!   It's quick to prepare you just need to be organised and have your bowls etc set up before you start the process. The … Continue reading Chicken Milanese

Weekly planner w/c 19th Feb

Hi everyone, How were your half terms? Ours was so lovely but I have to say i do like routine in my life so there is a small part of me which is really looking forward to getting back to the school run!!...ok maybe not the school run part but the routine!! Is that just … Continue reading Weekly planner w/c 19th Feb

Roast Chicken Traybake

Yes it's another traybake to add to the mix! They are just the easiest meals to do, they are great for using up any veggies you may have lying around, they are hassle free and require minimal washing up so what's not to love?! Kids love them too so that's a definite added bonus! This … Continue reading Roast Chicken Traybake

Chicken Tikka Flatbreads

It's so easy to make your own curry marinade and chances are you have most of these spices lying in your cupboard! If you've been following me for a while you most likely will as i do tend to use quite a bit of cumin and coriander! It's my hubby's influence!! It's so super easy … Continue reading Chicken Tikka Flatbreads

Piri Piri Spatchcock Chicken

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday! Wow this weekend flew by! most of them do these days to be fair. I hope you guys had a good one. I'm currently having a fight with my washing machine as it seems to be on the blink!!!! Not good when all the kids school clothes are in there!!...Anyway, i'm … Continue reading Piri Piri Spatchcock Chicken

Chicken Tikka Traybake with Rice & Cauliflower

Hi everyone, So here is the recipe for this super easy traybake....we all know i'm a big fan of a traybake! Perfect for a week night meal as it really does require very little effort and even the washing up has been kept to a minimum too! The oven does all the work for this, … Continue reading Chicken Tikka Traybake with Rice & Cauliflower

Chicken Thighs with (Cheats) Mushroom, Thyme & Mustard Risotto

Hi guys, Hope you're well! So i'm currently typing this up as the kids are exploring with some modelling clay. I should probably be supervising but what's the worse that can happen?! They are playing and chatting so nicely so i'm going to take the risk! So back to the recipe! This meal sort of … Continue reading Chicken Thighs with (Cheats) Mushroom, Thyme & Mustard Risotto

Chicken, Chorizo & Sundried tomato Patties

Sorry the title of this doesn't quite flow off the tongue but the title DOES tell you just what's inside these little beauties!! They are packed full of flavour and also have some hidden veg - yep there's a sly courgette in here as well!! You have to try these! They're really easy to make … Continue reading Chicken, Chorizo & Sundried tomato Patties

Weeky Food Planner – Week 17

Hi! Hope you're well. So the end of term is nearly here and summer holiday's are just around the corner!!!....but don't worry there are definitely a few more weekly planners to go!   Monday - Picnic tea What about eating the rainbow?! These little veggie rainbow kebabs are so easy to make, they can easily … Continue reading Weeky Food Planner – Week 17

Weekly Food Planner – Week 16

Hi lovelies! I hope you had a fab week last week. Did you try any of the meals from the planner? I'd love to hear from you if you have! So highlights from the meal plan below...definitely the fish burgers for both kids! A clear winner here and a double thumbs up. The mince and … Continue reading Weekly Food Planner – Week 16