Weekly Meal Planner – w/c 5th March

So it’s another week and another meal plan!! So assuming we don’t have a massive dump of snow and I can actually get to the shops or the shops can come to me this is the plan for next week!!

It’s slightly different this week in that the kids have had a lot more influence over the meals. Maisie was particularly adamant that she wanted to decide what went into the meal plan! Maisie is on a playdate on Wednesday which means Wednesday is Alfie’s choice, pasta obvs!!….but the rest of the week was mainly agreed by Madam Maisie! (Obviously with a little nudge and help from me!!)  But she’s happy with this and particulary excited about potato cakes with poached egg and the smoked salmon filled jacket potatoes, she even requested chives!!! Who is she!?!?!?!?…Anyway we’re going with it in the hope it means happy kids and full tummies next week. I do usually talk to them about what’s going in to the plan most weeks as I definitely think that if you include them in the process then they’re more likely to eat, whether that’s deciding what to cook, shopping for the food, helping to cook the food…all of that helps!!!

I’ve attached the preliminary shopping list here for you in case you fancy any of the above!…and like always i’ll amend if needed as I go along!

Weekly shopping list w:c 5th March

MondayHoney and Lemon glalzed Salmon. Adult tea tonight as kids have packed teas and I always keep it super simple on a Monday night to ease myself back into the week! Salmon is super speedy, this one will be cooked simply with butter, honey, lemon and garlic. Inspired by  Recipe Tin Eats…it will be a variation on THIS and if i’m feeling really lazy i may even grab a packet of ready cooked rice. Will serve with some tenderstem broccoli.



Tuesday – Smoked salmon filled jacket potatoes. I’ll bake the potatoes, cut them in half and scoop out the filling, then mix with some butter, chives, smoked salmon, squeeze of lemon and then probably capers and some sour cream for me!. Super simple! Will serve with some courgette batons. You can find the full recipe HERE



Wednesday – Macaroni Cheese!..Aflie’s choice. Always pasta if he can!…Maisie really doesn’t like pasta so we very rarely have it. Hubby and I actually don’t really eat it either so whenever there’s an opportunity for pasta Alfie will jump on it! I’ll make a mini version of macaroni cheese for him tonight and will add some cauliflower and broccoli to this too. Click for the full recipe and lots of pics…Cheesy Pasta with Hidden Veg


ThursdayPotato cakes with a poached egg on top!…is the plan! This is our veggie night…Let’s see if i can make the poached egg vaguely photo worthy!! I’m going to put some cabbage and onion into my potato cakes and maybe even some whizzed up broccoli as i’ll have some leftover from Wednesday’s meal. The full recipe is here..Veggie packed potato cakes


Friday – Prawn Fajitas or a variation of! It’s basically going to be a stir fry of sorts which could be loaded into wraps or like the pic below loaded into these tortilla boats! So what you need to do is fry up some courgette and carrot matchsticks with some paprika, red onion, garlic and chorizo and then finally, once the carrots have softened a little add your prawns…yum! Now heat your tortilla boats up, layer with some iceberg lettuc or some shredded spinach and top with the chorizo and prawn mix…Enjoy!


Saturday – Lamb chops with lentil patties. I’m going to make a curry style paste to marinade the lamb chops in. If i remember and have time i’ll do this the night before!…then i’ll serve this with some lentil patties and then some green veg. The lentil patties will made from red lentils, ill cook these then add some breadcrumbs, egg and then  spring onion, fresh coriander and some paprika…or something like that! I fear we may be making this on up as i go along so fingers crossed!!

Lamb Chops with Lentil Patties


Sunday – Roast Pork with parmentier potatoes...Maisie’s request for roast pork and she also loves these diced potatoes so this should be a dinner winner! Roast is by far Maisie’s favourite meal! I’ll serve with tons of veg, roasted parsnips no doubt, another Maisie fave..


..and that’s it, that’s the plan! So come check me out on instagram and follow along with all my step by step vids as i make each meal! Hopefully see you there!!!



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