This is such good Friday fakeaway food…and the best bit it’s so healthy for you and it’s vegetarian! That’s a win, win in my book as these still feel so filling! I definitely didn’t miss the meat with these ones.

The kids loved all the melted cheese in the middle so pile that in! I used a lactose free grated cheese for the kids and cheddar for mine. The kids ate theirs fairly plainly so they just had the cheese and the bean and rice mix but i added all the extras to mine and it was GOOOOOOD!!!!

So here’s the quick run down on what you need to do:

Start by frying off your diced red onion in a little oil, then add your paprika and your crushed garlic and then your drained beans and stir well.


Next in goes the coriander about 2 tbsp, mix that all in and leave some fresh coriander to add in at the end…


Then squeeze in the juice of a lime..



Next in goes your rice. You can use leftover rice for this or a pouch. In fact this meal is a great use of leftovers!! Anyway stir this all in and season well. Make sure the rice is heated through…


and then it should look something like this!!


Now it’s time to make your burrito. So grab yourself a piece of lined parchment and place the wrap on top of it with the metallic bit facing away. (as per the pic below!) I used wholemeal wraps for this one..



…and now it’s just a case of loading up your burrito. Start with a good handful of grated cheese, then add your bean and rice mix, then some fresh coriander, some sour cream and some finely diced cherry tomatoes…and then wrap tightly!


Twist the ends so that nothing falls out and then place this into a preheated oven at 190C for around 10 minutes which should be enough for the cheese to melt! Delicious!!


Cut this in half and then enjoy straight from the wrapper!


It’s really that simple! Honestly so tasty and meat free for those who are trying to eat less meat these days! I’m definitely one of them…as part of my new year’s resolution i’m trying to include at least one meat free meal a week. We are big meat eaters so this switch is quite big for us…but with this meal you woudn’t know you were missing out! Go on give it a go!!!!!

So what you’ll need:
• 1 can kidney beans
• 1 can of black beans
• 1 pouch of cooked rice (I used Tilda Rice Wholegrain rice pouch)
• 1 red onion – diced
• Handful of fresh coriander
• 1tbsp paprika
• Sour cream
• Grated cheese or dairy feee alternative
• wholemeal wraps
• cherry tomatoes

What you need to do:
🌯 First fry off you onion in a little oil
🌯Now add your garlic, then your drained beans and then your paprika and season well.
🌯Next in goes the coriander, about 2 tbsp leaving some to garnish at the end)
🌯 Now add the juice of a lime and then your rice
🌯 stir through until your rice is hot.
🌯Now place your wrap onto some lined parchment paper.
🌯Now load up! First add your grated cheese, then the bean and rice mix and then too with some fresh coriander, some chopped cherry tomatoes and some sour cream.
🌯 Wrap up tightly and twist the ends to form a cracker!
🌯 Now pop into the oven for 10 minutes to melt the cheese and then cut in half and enjoy!

See you next time lovelies!!! Thanks as always for being here! xx