Pork and Sage Quesadillas

Here's an easy dinner for you!....Now we are slowly re-introducing dairy into Maisie's diet i'm trying out a few cheesier recipes! This one went down pretty well, Alfie thought there was sausage inside his so i'm taking that as a win. Super simple to make the mince and actually the mince would be delicious made … Continue reading Pork and Sage Quesadillas

Weekly Meal Planner w/c 14th May

So this week has been slightly up in the air! More entertaining than I had predicted...which is all good but it just meant I was busier prepping, cooking, drinking and chatting that I didn't have a whole lot of time to write up recipes and take proper vids! Sorry!.....I am predicting a little more of … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planner w/c 14th May

Sausage and potato quesadillas

So this was one of those meals that I made up as I went along!... but Alfie polished off three of these so i'm thinking these weren't bad for a first attempt! I think if I made these again,  which I think I definitely will, then i'd mix the sausage and the potato together before … Continue reading Sausage and potato quesadillas

Weekly Meal Planner – w/c 19th March

So this week is slightly different to the usual weekly planner as I am off on HOLIDAY!!!!! I am going away for 3 WHOLE NIGHTS without the kids with some girl friends! To say I am excited would be a massive under statement!! Obviously i'll miss the kids and we'll probably end up talking about … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planner – w/c 19th March