Veggie Packed Puff Pastry Roll Ups

Lots of veggies in here to make for a simple meatless monday meal. Now Alfie doesn't like cooked mushrooms and most of the time refuses courgettes but the fact he ate 4 of these would suggest that actually he doesn't mind them all that much!!! Now i'm not a massive fan of hiding or disguising … Continue reading Veggie Packed Puff Pastry Roll Ups

Salmon Puff Pastry Parcels

I try not to cook with too much pastry as i know it's not massively good for you but every now and then it's gotta be done!! Haha! So tonight i've made a couple of different versions just to try a few things out...firstly a pesto one which is one of Alfie's favourite things...pasta pesto … Continue reading Salmon Puff Pastry Parcels