Lamb Chops with Lentil Patties

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a good week! So as promised here is the lentil patties i cooked yesterday. Finally recovered after a very late Friday night!! I'm going to break this one down into two parts, the patties and then the lamb chops. So starting with the patties here's what you need to … Continue reading Lamb Chops with Lentil Patties

Chicken, Chorizo & Sundried tomato Patties

Sorry the title of this doesn't quite flow off the tongue but the title DOES tell you just what's inside these little beauties!! They are packed full of flavour and also have some hidden veg - yep there's a sly courgette in here as well!! You have to try these! They're really easy to make … Continue reading Chicken, Chorizo & Sundried tomato Patties

Weeky Food Planner – Week 17

Hi! Hope you're well. So the end of term is nearly here and summer holiday's are just around the corner!!!....but don't worry there are definitely a few more weekly planners to go!   Monday - Picnic tea What about eating the rainbow?! These little veggie rainbow kebabs are so easy to make, they can easily … Continue reading Weeky Food Planner – Week 17