Mushroom, Bacon and Thyme Risotto

A labour of love but well worth it! The kids had a packed tea tonight so this was adult I could afford a little more time to stir and actually Alfie had been somewhat trying this afternoon so stirring a pot of comfort food was pretty therapeutic!...So we're all good now!..This really was super … Continue reading Mushroom, Bacon and Thyme Risotto

Mushroom Burgers with Halloumi

Oven baked portabello mushrooms...meaty enough so that the hubby wasn't asking where the meat was!!..either that or he was being polite but actually i thought this was pretty tasty and I did bulk it up with some couscous! Easy and quick which is usually what I go for on a Monday night!   Start by … Continue reading Mushroom Burgers with Halloumi

Chicken Thighs with (Cheats) Mushroom, Thyme & Mustard Risotto

Hi guys, Hope you're well! So i'm currently typing this up as the kids are exploring with some modelling clay. I should probably be supervising but what's the worse that can happen?! They are playing and chatting so nicely so i'm going to take the risk! So back to the recipe! This meal sort of … Continue reading Chicken Thighs with (Cheats) Mushroom, Thyme & Mustard Risotto

Chicken, bacon and mushroom pie

Hi guys, How are you all? So September is almost over, how did that happen!? It's whizzed by without me really noticing!....what I have noticed though is that Autumn is definitely upon us! No more long summer evenings, outside enjoying BBQ's and delicious rose! But you know what, i'm ok with that! I actually love … Continue reading Chicken, bacon and mushroom pie