Fast Food!

So we all know the scenario when we get home late from school or clubs, the kids are super hangry and they really want dinner, like NOW!!!!!!!!! I want to tell you that this is where meal planning comes in handy as you can prep beforehand and anticipate these times when kids just need feeding!...BUT … Continue reading Fast Food!

Chicken Tikka Panini

My kids have very different taste loves pasta, pesto, salmon and sweet corn but for the other this is her worst nightmare so when you get a meal where BOTH kids love it...AND ask you to make it again you know you’re onto a winner!...and the best bit? It’s so easy to make!..(as always! … Continue reading Chicken Tikka Panini

Fudgy Energy Bars

Thanks so so much for voting over on Instagram for the recipes you'd like to see here on my website. Really helps to know which recipes you guys like! It does take a while to write these up so it helps to know that the recipes I am writing up are the recipes you've all … Continue reading Fudgy Energy Bars