Cod and Gnocchi Traybake

...beacause we all love a traybake! I make traybakes pretty much most weeks, they'll feature on my meal plan in some shape or form! For a number of reasons, they're easy, they're pretty quick, there's minimal washing up, it's barely even cooking so you don't need to worry about any technical ability the oven does … Continue reading Cod and Gnocchi Traybake

Quick Veggie Gnocchi Stir Fry

Hi everyone, This is such a quick and easy meal it barely needs a recipe but i'll write one for you anyway so that you have everything all in one place. If you're following along to the meal planner this relates to w/c 19th Feb (CLICK HERE) The beauty of gnocchi is that it's so … Continue reading Quick Veggie Gnocchi Stir Fry

Weekly planner w/c 19th Feb

Hi everyone, How were your half terms? Ours was so lovely but I have to say i do like routine in my life so there is a small part of me which is really looking forward to getting back to the school run!!...ok maybe not the school run part but the routine!! Is that just … Continue reading Weekly planner w/c 19th Feb

Weekly Food Planner – Week 6

  Monday - Picnic tea What about doing some egg mayonnaise sandwiches, Trail mixes are good for lunch or tea on the go, try some nuts, pretzels, dried fruit and popcorn. For dessert why not try some fruit salad with some apricot and coconut bliss balls. You can find the recipe from  They are … Continue reading Weekly Food Planner – Week 6