Curry Fish Bites

Morning! I have finally sorted my technical glitch out so can crack on with writing this recipe up for you guys...These little fish bites are coated in curry spices, dipped in egg and then rolled in a mix of Rice Krispies and panko breadcrumbs for a crunchy and crispy bite. The curry flavours are subtle, … Continue reading Curry Fish Bites

Weekly Meal Planner w/c 25th June

Hello, hello! Sitting writing this on Friday, the sun is shining, it's almost the weekend and the weather is looking so lovely for next week...all i want to do is have loads of BBQ's with lots yummy salads!! I always fear planning a BBQ though as you can never depend on the weather...but we're going … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planner w/c 25th June

Rice Krispie Fish Goujons

I have coated fish in a number of various things over the years, quinoa, coconut, breadcrumbs (obviously!) but never Rice Krispies!.....up until now! I have heard of cornflake chicken etc so thought I would give Krispies a run for their money and I have to say these were a hit with the kids! I think … Continue reading Rice Krispie Fish Goujons

Weekly Meal Planner – w/c 12th March

Hi Everyone, Another week has flown by, this one in particular has gone so quickly and it's been super busy....who knew updating a website could be so time consuming!! Anyway, i have managed to find time to sit down and write next week's shopping list for you which goes with the planner! So all you … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planner – w/c 12th March

Mini Fish Pies with Crispy Potato Topping

Hello! Happy Thursday to you all. Hope you've had a good week. I have to say this one has sped by...i'm currently working on my meal plan for next week just need to write up the shopping list and then i can publish it for you all. But for now let's stick to this week...and … Continue reading Mini Fish Pies with Crispy Potato Topping

Baked Cod & Chorizo with Tomato and Quinoa

Sorry not a very catchy title!!...but this was a really yummy meal which hubby and I had last night. It's super easy and quick too which quite frankly is exactly what you need on a Monday night especially if you've had to endure swimming lessons!...not only that but it's super healthy so the best start … Continue reading Baked Cod & Chorizo with Tomato and Quinoa

Cod & Chorizo fishcakes with Cabbage

Hi everyone, So here's the recipe for these yummy fishcakes with added veg! It's an entire meal in itself. So good! My kids absolutely love chorizo so we're usually onto a winner if there's chorizo involved. It's not the healthiest food choice but everything in moderation and if it means they're also having fish, potatoes … Continue reading Cod & Chorizo fishcakes with Cabbage

Lemon Fish Parcels with cous cous

Who wants a fuss free, super quick mid week healthy recipe!!? Yep thought you might! Well hopefully this one ticks all of those boxes and hoping it's one your kids will like too. Get your kids to make their own parcels up. I definitely think including them in the process and even the planning of … Continue reading Lemon Fish Parcels with cous cous

Weekly Food Planner – week 18

Wow another week has flown by and there are only a few more days until the kids break up. Which is a blessing as my kids are literally crawling ┬áto the finish line...they're so ready for a is Mummy to be fair. Not long though, summer hols just around the corner! Yay! I'm going … Continue reading Weekly Food Planner – week 18