Weekly Meal Planner is back!….

  ...but this time with a little help from an Insta-friend and Registered Nutritionist to give you a nutionally balanced and healthy meal plan that hopefully you and your family will love! I'm sure by now you're getting into the full swing of January and back to the routine after Christmas. Not sure about you … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planner is back!….

Chicken Thighs with (Cheats) Mushroom, Thyme & Mustard Risotto

Hi guys, Hope you're well! So i'm currently typing this up as the kids are exploring with some modelling clay. I should probably be supervising but what's the worse that can happen?! They are playing and chatting so nicely so i'm going to take the risk! So back to the recipe! This meal sort of … Continue reading Chicken Thighs with (Cheats) Mushroom, Thyme & Mustard Risotto

Asian Inspired Pulled Pork

I am all about low and slow cooking! It basically means you can whack all the ingredients into a pot and let the oven do all the work for you...what you end up with is such delicious melt in the mouth pork┬áthat literally pulls away with a fork. Well that's the idea anyway! This pulled … Continue reading Asian Inspired Pulled Pork

Chicken, Chorizo & Sundried tomato Patties

Sorry the title of this doesn't quite flow off the tongue but the title DOES tell you just what's inside these little beauties!! They are packed full of flavour and also have some hidden veg - yep there's a sly courgette in here as well!! You have to try these! They're really easy to make … Continue reading Chicken, Chorizo & Sundried tomato Patties