Chicken Milanese

Who doesn't like anything coated in breadcrumbs and gently fried in oil or butter!!?  In particular this is usually a favourite with kids...the crunchy coating always seems to be a winner!   It's quick to prepare you just need to be organised and have your bowls etc set up before you start the process. The … Continue reading Chicken Milanese

Lamb Cutlet Traybake with Salsa Verde

Hello hello! Ah it's good to be back! haha I know it was only a week but it's amazing how much you can switch off in a week especially if you have the luxury of your Mum cooking for you too!! (Thanks Mum!)'s lovely to have a break but I do always love being back … Continue reading Lamb Cutlet Traybake with Salsa Verde

Roast Chicken Traybake

Yes it's another traybake to add to the mix! They are just the easiest meals to do, they are great for using up any veggies you may have lying around, they are hassle free and require minimal washing up so what's not to love?! Kids love them too so that's a definite added bonus! This … Continue reading Roast Chicken Traybake

Chicken Tikka Flatbreads

It's so easy to make your own curry marinade and chances are you have most of these spices lying in your cupboard! If you've been following me for a while you most likely will as i do tend to use quite a bit of cumin and coriander! It's my hubby's influence!! It's so super easy … Continue reading Chicken Tikka Flatbreads

Sausage Meatball Traybake

So this recipe had moving goalposts as I was cooking as I had seconds thoughts about the addition of the tinned tomatoes! Turns out my gut was right..luckily i made two versions one with tomato and one can guess the version my kids preferred! But prefer they did - they gobbled this all down...BOTH … Continue reading Sausage Meatball Traybake

Bolognaise Roll Ups

Now unfortunately I can't take credit for this meal but it's such a good one I wanted to share! The idea came from another lady called Nicola from our_little_table on instagram. Please do hop over and check her out! She has some great ideas for kids food!...This being one of them! This is such a … Continue reading Bolognaise Roll Ups

Veggie Frittata

  So as i've already mentioned i am trying to include at least one veggie meal per week so this one fits perfectly! It's such a good way too of using up lots of leftover veggies you have lurking in the back of your fridge! Not only is it pretty easy and speedy to make … Continue reading Veggie Frittata

Cod & Chorizo fishcakes with Cabbage

Hi everyone, So here's the recipe for these yummy fishcakes with added veg! It's an entire meal in itself. So good! My kids absolutely love chorizo so we're usually onto a winner if there's chorizo involved. It's not the healthiest food choice but everything in moderation and if it means they're also having fish, potatoes … Continue reading Cod & Chorizo fishcakes with Cabbage

Turkey kebabs with Tzatziki, rice and peas

Hi everyone, Firstly i'm so sorry for bombarding you with emails today!! Trying to play catch up so you can grab the recipes from the meal planner!!.. So Monday from the meal planner this week called for Turkey kebabs. Luckily I had some in the freezer from a couple of weeks ago so actually pulling … Continue reading Turkey kebabs with Tzatziki, rice and peas

Honeyed Turkey Skewers with mini hassleback potatoes

Everything always tastes better when it's on a skewer...why is that?! Kids seem to eat so much better when it's presented like this..or is that just mine?! That said you don't have to pop these onto skewers, you can simply marinade and then cook in the oven. So again making this really easy to do. … Continue reading Honeyed Turkey Skewers with mini hassleback potatoes