Lamb Mince Taco’s

This type of meal is a fab way to get everyone involved and I usually find that means my kids are likely to eat more! They have the choice of what they want to load their taco's with which gives them independence on their food choices...even though you've decided what those choices are! My kids … Continue reading Lamb Mince Taco’s

Chicken Skewers with Chorizo Couscous

Hello! I'm back with another delicious recipe...well i hope you think it is! Other than the time marinating your chicken this is actually SUPER SPEEDY and tasty too! Lots of you have been requesting this recipe so I really hope this doesn't disappoint and that your family love this one! So let's get straight to … Continue reading Chicken Skewers with Chorizo Couscous

Sun-dried tomato haddock with hassleback potatoes

Hi guys! Hope you've been enjoying the sunshine this week! So nice! A bit late again to post on this...but better late than never right?! The paste for this was so delicious, packed full of flavour, took me all of 5 minutes to make and the fish took 10 mins to cook too! EASY!!!! So … Continue reading Sun-dried tomato haddock with hassleback potatoes