Cod and Chorizo Croquettes

Wow, after a long summer off, 6 weeks in fact without blogging and writing up recipes it appears i'm back!!!...I had a bit of a mental block and just didn't want to open my laptop back up again but I've finally done it and you know it's not so bad!!!..and i'm back writing up a … Continue reading Cod and Chorizo Croquettes

Asian Fish Parcels

Easy, quick, tasty and light which is exactly what you want in this mini heatwave we're experiencing! There's actually very little actual cooking involved with this's more a case of chopping, scattering and assembling! It honestly takes 15 mins...10 mins to cook and 5 mins prep....and then you get something like this.... Here's all … Continue reading Asian Fish Parcels

Weekly Meal Planner w/c 30th April

Hi everyone, How have your weeks been? I have to say with hubby away it's felt like a fairly long week!..although it does amaze me how tidy the house is when he's away? Surely he can't be as bad as the kids?!...Anyway he's back for the weekend so that's all good and next week will … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planner w/c 30th April

Fish Goujon Wraps

What do you give your kids when they also have friends round for tea..the answer, fish goujons of course! These are so quick to make, a small amount of faffing around with the flour, egg and breadcrumb dipping but actually it really takes no time at all if you have everything set up...and you can … Continue reading Fish Goujon Wraps

Baked Cod & Chorizo with Tomato and Quinoa

Sorry not a very catchy title!!...but this was a really yummy meal which hubby and I had last night. It's super easy and quick too which quite frankly is exactly what you need on a Monday night especially if you've had to endure swimming lessons!...not only that but it's super healthy so the best start … Continue reading Baked Cod & Chorizo with Tomato and Quinoa

Weekly Meal Planner w/c 5th Feb

It's a slightly shorter meal plan this week as the kids and I are heading off for half term to see my parents! My hubby will have to survive on the freezer stash! To be fair there's quite a bit in there now so think he'll be ok!...he's actually a pretty good cook as well … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planner w/c 5th Feb

Cod & Chorizo fishcakes with Cabbage

Hi everyone, So here's the recipe for these yummy fishcakes with added veg! It's an entire meal in itself. So good! My kids absolutely love chorizo so we're usually onto a winner if there's chorizo involved. It's not the healthiest food choice but everything in moderation and if it means they're also having fish, potatoes … Continue reading Cod & Chorizo fishcakes with Cabbage