Sausage rolls packed with veggies

Hi everyone, Here's a really tasty and simple recipe for you which is packed with veggies. It's made even easier by using shop bought puff pastry. It's so easy yet there's something quite satisfying about making your own sausage rolls! Kids love them too...and what's even better is they taste pretty good cold so amazing … Continue reading Sausage rolls packed with veggies

Chocolate Covered Almonds

So simple it's not really a recipe but if you're after a sweet yet healthyish treat after dins then this may well be your answer! It really is so quick and simple: You'll need: 1 cup of Almonds, whole, raw and unsalted 100g dark chocolate, broken into pieces - Go for the best you can, … Continue reading Chocolate Covered Almonds

Homemade Nut Filled Granola

Hi guys, So a few of you lovelies have been asking for the recipe for this yummy crunchy nut filled granola! I have finally managed to take some pics for you and rather than just whacking everything into a bowl I have also done some measuring, albeit loosely! So hopefully this recipe is now super … Continue reading Homemade Nut Filled Granola

Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Chickpeas

If you're looking for a guilt free snack then this may be the answer. The great thing about these is that you can play around with the flavours. I've made them with cumin, ground coriander and chilli powder, you could do simple salt and pepper but I think these one's may be my favourite and … Continue reading Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Chickpeas