Sesame Chicken with Stir Fry Noodles

Today has been one of those days where I probably should have just stayed in bed! Everything you try to do just seems challenging, even simple routine things! Internet went down, left kids coats in town, broke the cupboard door...urgh! Just little things but annoying all the same!...However, what i did manage to do right, … Continue reading Sesame Chicken with Stir Fry Noodles

Asian Chicken Skewers

Another pretty simple meal today. Alfie had a playdate so of course I put some chicken onto a skewer because skewers are more fun! If you forget to soak your skewers then a little tip is so simply cook the chicken fillets first and then skewer after they've cooked! That way no burnt skewers or … Continue reading Asian Chicken Skewers

Minced Turkey Pie

I had titled this Turkey Mince pie but then realised you may be expecting a mince pie!! This is definitely not a mince pie more of a cottage pie with wrap around mash! I saw a recipe on GREAT BRITISH CHEFS which gave me the inspo to try something very similar! This is  great little pie with … Continue reading Minced Turkey Pie

Weekly Meal Planner w/c 26th March

Hi everyone, Hope you are all having a good week. I just wanted to send out next week's meal plan together with the shopping lists etc. Next week I don't get back from my little mini break (whoop i'm so excited! Sorry!!)  until very late on Monday so Monday tea is all down to Daddy! … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planner w/c 26th March

Chicken and Bacon Casserole

This was such a hit tonight with Maisie and her friend and with myself and hubby! It's always a winning meal when someone out of the household enjoys it! I think my kids are so used to me throwing random and different things at them every night they have realised they have to eat it … Continue reading Chicken and Bacon Casserole

Chicken and Chorizo traybake

The easiest of meals to make and when my daughter was asked recently what her favourite meal was that Mummy cooked her she said roast and that was closely followed by traybake and my son even agreed! So not only is this easy but it's usually always a winner with my kids which makes for … Continue reading Chicken and Chorizo traybake

Chicken Milanese

Who doesn't like anything coated in breadcrumbs and gently fried in oil or butter!!?  In particular this is usually a favourite with kids...the crunchy coating always seems to be a winner!   It's quick to prepare you just need to be organised and have your bowls etc set up before you start the process. The … Continue reading Chicken Milanese

Roast Chicken Traybake

Yes it's another traybake to add to the mix! They are just the easiest meals to do, they are great for using up any veggies you may have lying around, they are hassle free and require minimal washing up so what's not to love?! Kids love them too so that's a definite added bonus! This … Continue reading Roast Chicken Traybake

Chicken Tikka Flatbreads

It's so easy to make your own curry marinade and chances are you have most of these spices lying in your cupboard! If you've been following me for a while you most likely will as i do tend to use quite a bit of cumin and coriander! It's my hubby's influence!! It's so super easy … Continue reading Chicken Tikka Flatbreads