Twice Baked Potatoes with Smoked Salmon

Maisie's choice of dinner tonight and luckly it was a super easy request! Sometimes the simplest ones are the best! It's literally a case of baking some potatoes, taking the filling out, mixing it with some added ingredients and then popping that back into the potatoes and baking again! What could be easier. The other … Continue reading Twice Baked Potatoes with Smoked Salmon

Bean and Rice Burritos

This is such good Friday fakeaway food...and the best bit it's so healthy for you and it's vegetarian! That's a win, win in my book as these still feel so filling! I definitely didn't miss the meat with these ones. The kids loved all the melted cheese in the middle so pile that in! I … Continue reading Bean and Rice Burritos

Bolognaise Roll Ups

Now unfortunately I can't take credit for this meal but it's such a good one I wanted to share! The idea came from another lady called Nicola from our_little_table on instagram. Please do hop over and check her out! She has some great ideas for kids food!...This being one of them! This is such a … Continue reading Bolognaise Roll Ups

Veggie Frittata

  So as i've already mentioned i am trying to include at least one veggie meal per week so this one fits perfectly! It's such a good way too of using up lots of leftover veggies you have lurking in the back of your fridge! Not only is it pretty easy and speedy to make … Continue reading Veggie Frittata

Cod & Chorizo fishcakes with Cabbage

Hi everyone, So here's the recipe for these yummy fishcakes with added veg! It's an entire meal in itself. So good! My kids absolutely love chorizo so we're usually onto a winner if there's chorizo involved. It's not the healthiest food choice but everything in moderation and if it means they're also having fish, potatoes … Continue reading Cod & Chorizo fishcakes with Cabbage

Banana Muffins or Banana Bread – You decide!?

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you this delicious banana bread or banana muffin recipe. I can never seem to keep up with the banana consumption in our house, one minute the kids and hubby are eating them like they're going out of fashion, the next minute they're sitting in the fruit bowl … Continue reading Banana Muffins or Banana Bread – You decide!?

Spaghetti Nests

Hi everyone, I totally forgot to post this recipe, it's pretty self explanatory but just so you have all my recipes in one place here it is for you. This is such a winner with my son, he loves them!! Perfect for picnics, lunchboxes, quick snacks or just a quick dins. It's also a great … Continue reading Spaghetti Nests

Sausage rolls packed with veggies

Hi everyone, Here's a really tasty and simple recipe for you which is packed with veggies. It's made even easier by using shop bought puff pastry. It's so easy yet there's something quite satisfying about making your own sausage rolls! Kids love them too...and what's even better is they taste pretty good cold so amazing … Continue reading Sausage rolls packed with veggies