Kids Snacks and Label Reading

Hello, hello! Well it was about time I actually got round to writing a blog post this year.....BUT I have very good reason to today! Before Christmas the lovely Catherine, a Registered Nutritionist from Catherine Lippe Nutrition gave up her time to talk to me about all things snacks and what the labels on these snacks actually … Continue reading Kids Snacks and Label Reading

Chicken Tikka Panini

My kids have very different taste loves pasta, pesto, salmon and sweet corn but for the other this is her worst nightmare so when you get a meal where BOTH kids love it...AND ask you to make it again you know you’re onto a winner!...and the best bit? It’s so easy to make!..(as always! … Continue reading Chicken Tikka Panini

Chocolate Granola Bars

These went down so well with my kids and also their friends so i always know if other kids like it then i'm usually onto a winner! thought i would share this easy recipe for you here! Hope you like it too! Start by whizzing up your oats and seeds in a small food processor … Continue reading Chocolate Granola Bars

Egg Muffins

Egg muffins!....These are perfect for LUNCHBOXES or quick BREKKIES! could even serve as a MAIN MEAL with some potato wedges on the side?? You can keep these in the fridge for a few days so perfect for a quick SNACK too and you can enjoy them cold or simply re-heat in the microwave! Versatile little … Continue reading Egg Muffins

Potato Pizza

As voted for by you!!...which is perfect as this one is super easy to write up as it's barely a recipe but it's a really fun way to get the kids involved and it's also a healthy alternative to your classic pizza! You can use either sweet potato or a white potato, I used Maris … Continue reading Potato Pizza


I constantly get asked about ideas for lunchboxes....I don't think i'm alone when i say thinking of lunchbox ideas can be challenging and dare I say fairly tedious - trying to keep them varied and healthy whilst including something which isn't going to come back home again!!....Luckily, at the moment I only have to do … Continue reading LUNCH BOX IDEAS!!

Pork and Sage Quesadillas

Here's an easy dinner for you!....Now we are slowly re-introducing dairy into Maisie's diet i'm trying out a few cheesier recipes! This one went down pretty well, Alfie thought there was sausage inside his so i'm taking that as a win. Super simple to make the mince and actually the mince would be delicious made … Continue reading Pork and Sage Quesadillas

Pea and Chorizo Oven baked Frittata

This is a super easy one guys, takes no time in the oven and is full of flavour with the added chorizo! Anything with chorizo has my vote and usually my kids vote too so while they think they're getting a treat with the chorizo I can also pack in th veggies with peas and … Continue reading Pea and Chorizo Oven baked Frittata

Egg Burritos

Hi everyone, So a few of you asked for the blog post for these!! Thanks so much for voting over on insta! It's a super simple dinner or actually breakfast...or i'd go so far as to say it could be enjoyed for lunch too so actually a good one to have in your repetoire! My … Continue reading Egg Burritos

Asian Chicken Skewers

Another pretty simple meal today. Alfie had a playdate so of course I put some chicken onto a skewer because skewers are more fun! If you forget to soak your skewers then a little tip is so simply cook the chicken fillets first and then skewer after they've cooked! That way no burnt skewers or … Continue reading Asian Chicken Skewers