Lamb Mince Taco’s

This type of meal is a fab way to get everyone involved and I usually find that means my kids are likely to eat more! They have the choice of what they want to load their taco's with which gives them independence on their food choices...even though you've decided what those choices are! My kids … Continue reading Lamb Mince Taco’s

Lamb Mint & Feta Burgers

I'm on a roll at the moment!...Here is the Lamb, Feta and Mint burger recipe you guys asked for! Hope you like them too! They are, like most things I make, super super simple!  Throw the ingredients into a bowl, mix, mould and then grill! What could be easier?! So i'll get straight onto this … Continue reading Lamb Mint & Feta Burgers

Grilled Lamb Chops with Rosemary Diced Potatoes

Not the catchiest of titles but this simple meal always goes down well with the's easy, no fuss cooking but sometimes it's the simplest meals which are the best. It also means no stress for Mama either which is always a winner in my books. Start by getting your oil infused as early as … Continue reading Grilled Lamb Chops with Rosemary Diced Potatoes

Lamb and chickpea Curry

This was super easy to make and although we had a super sunny day and a curry might not be everyone's first choice of meal it was gobbled up by my two so i'll take the win! They did eat this outside in the garden...well actually in their new den they've built! So happy kids … Continue reading Lamb and chickpea Curry

Mini Minted Lamb Burgers

Hi guys, This is such an easy meal to make for the kids and one you can do in advance. I made this while the kids were having their breakfast and these little burgers were firming up in the fridge by the time we were heading out on our school run this morning...which we weren't … Continue reading Mini Minted Lamb Burgers

Lamb Chops with Lentil Patties

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a good week! So as promised here is the lentil patties i cooked yesterday. Finally recovered after a very late Friday night!! I'm going to break this one down into two parts, the patties and then the lamb chops. So starting with the patties here's what you need to … Continue reading Lamb Chops with Lentil Patties