Slow Cooked Beef and leek Casserole

So last night was supposed to be something completely different but we had an impromptu visitor for dinner, our neighbour, so I gave kids the food I had planned (Tuna meatballs thanks to My Fussy Eater ) and then I threw a ton of ingredients into my slow cooker and let that work it's magic! … Continue reading Slow Cooked Beef and leek Casserole

Beef and Ale Casserole

Hi All, Today called for easy Sunday cooking! Low and slow... a meal you can literally throw into a slow cooker and then forget about for 6 hours! The weather has been so lovely this week that perhaps a casserole wasn't the most obvious choice of meals but it was yummy and the lazy mash … Continue reading Beef and Ale Casserole

Mince with Crispy Spiralised Potatoes

Happy Monday all! Hope you've all had a good start to the week? I have to say I have been super productive's amazing what you can do when you don't have the kids around!! The house was weirdly quiet with the kids back at school but I got SO much done!!...a little bit of … Continue reading Mince with Crispy Spiralised Potatoes

Slow cooked beef casserole with dumplings and Cavelo Nero

Slow cooker meals are just so good! You throw a bunch of ingredients into the pot with very little prep and then your slow cooker works its magic! 6 hours later and you have a comforting and warming plate of food! This recipe uses very simple ingredients and then i used a recipe from Jamie … Continue reading Slow cooked beef casserole with dumplings and Cavelo Nero

Beef and Chorizo Casserole

Yep it's that time of year again....Autumn is upon us and we're all turning our heads or perhaps stomachs towards slightly more warming and comforting food. Well I am anyway!! To me Autumm is all about tasty bowls of soup, hearty casseroles and comforting pies and i'm not going to disappoint with this tasty stew! … Continue reading Beef and Chorizo Casserole