Kids Snacks and Label Reading

Hello, hello!

Well it was about time I actually got round to writing a blog post this year…..BUT I have very good reason to today!

Before Christmas the lovely Catherine, a Registered Nutritionist from Catherine Lippe Nutrition gave up her time to talk to me about all things snacks and what the labels on these snacks actually mean!

I would love to meet my kids at the school gates with freshly baked goods, homemade or bought from home snacks but sometimes you’re busy and sometimes you just want to reach for a packet snack which is easy!

But are there certain packet snacks which are better for our kids?


Of course there are…but what should we be looking for when choosing a snack for our kids? What do the labels on the back of the packets actually mean? What numbers should be looking at?


Catherine explains all of this and more in this little vid we’ve put together…I say we! Not only is Catherine an amazing Registered Nutritionist with so much knowledge, she also has video editing skills which I clearly lack! So a massive thank you to Catherine for a LOT of her time working on this…We really hope you find it useful and hope it answers all your questions.

Of course if you have any addtional questions please comment below!

….and DON’T FORGET there are lots of snack ideas and printables on my website for those days you do have a little extra time!


and I wrote a blog too!




Thanks so much – really hope you enjoy it!!!


2 thoughts on “Kids Snacks and Label Reading

  1. Hi, just wanted to say I loved your little video. I make homemade snacks when I can but I do resort to bought ones as well and at least now I know I don’t need to feel guilty about it!


    1. Ah that’s awesome to hear thank you!…yep I too loved the message not to feel guilty!! Takes the pressure off a little hearing it from a registered Nutritionist! Glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much for taking the time to watch!…and to comment too! 😘


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