Lamb Mint & Feta Burgers

I’m on a roll at the moment!…Here is the Lamb, Feta and Mint burger recipe you guys asked for! Hope you like them too!


They are, like most things I make, super super simple!  Throw the ingredients into a bowl, mix, mould and then grill! What could be easier?!

So i’ll get straight onto this one:

First grab yourself a mixing bowl and then add all your ingredients (Scroll to the bottom for the full recipe)


Then with your hands mix it all together until it’s all combined well. Once combined grab yourself a handful of the mixture and then mould into patties/burgers.

I tend to make mine quite mini as the big ones are slightly too daunting for my kids but obviously you can make them any size, they’ll just take slightly longer under the grill…aIf you’re popping these into buns/baps you may be better off making them slightly larger but if just eating them as they are with some wedges on the side smaller ones can be better for little ones…


Once you’ve used up all of your mixture and made your burgers pop these, covered, into the fridge for 20 mins or so to firm up a bit.


Once you’re ready to cook simply pop these burgers under the grill or on the BBQ and grill for a few minutes on either side until cooked through.


I served mine with some coleslaw and potato wedges and some additional veg I had leftover in the fridge!!..

Really hope you like these! Please let me know what you think if you do make them. I love hearing back from you guys!….but for now i’ll just recap below:

You’ll need:

  • 500g lamb mince
  • 2 tbsp fresh chopped mint
  • 100g Feta cheese roughly chopped (for fussier eaters chop quite finely!)
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 red onion finely diced
  • 1 garlic clove – crushed
  • Salt & pepper
  • For a mintier version you could add 1 tsp mint sauce to this too

What you need to do:

  • Very simply place all the above ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix until everything’s combined well.
  • Next take a small handful and form the mince mixture into burgers/patties and place onto a lined baking tray.
  • If you have time i would cover these and pop into the oven for 20 mins or so to firm up a bit.
  • When ready to cook simply pop onto the BBQ or under the grill and turn half way through.
  • Serve in baps, or with potato wedges and coleslaw.
  • It’s that easy!


See you soon! xx

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