Weekly Meal Planner w/c 25th June

Hello, hello!

Sitting writing this on Friday, the sun is shining, it’s almost the weekend and the weather is looking so lovely for next week…all i want to do is have loads of BBQ’s with lots yummy salads!! I always fear planning a BBQ though as you can never depend on the weather…but we’re going to see how it goes and hopefully next week we can BBQ a little bit at least!

w:c 25th June

As always here’s the shopping list for you all! Hope you find this helpful.


Monday: Coronation Chicken Jackets. Easy one tonight and this is a great recipe for using up leftover chicken you have..if you’ve had a roast chicken on the weekend then this is perfect for that! Choose a mild curry powder and some sweet mango chutney and you have yourself a delcious and tasty family tea! Coronation Chicken


Tuesday – Asian Fish Parcels: Kids have packed teas, so sorry if you’re bored of me saying that!! So tonight is an adult tea packed with lots of Asian flavours, a light and healthy meal..an easy and quick one too which is definitely what you want after dealing with swimming lessons! Recipe is just here! Asian Fish Parcels


Wednesday: Veggie Chilli. Trying as always to include more veggies into our lives this is taken from a Lizzie King recipe from her new book which is really good!  A few variations but hopefully still a kiddy approved meal.


Thursday – Spaghetti with Chicken milanese. In a bid to get Maisie to like pasta and spaghetti i’m trying out a super simple tomato sauce inspired by my family food tribe shout out which i do every Friday over on Instagram…my theme last week was pasta and i asked Maisie to choose one she might think about trying. She really dislikes pasta!!…so am going to attempt to make this in the hope she tries a bit and maybe even enjoys it! I know she’ll like the chicken milanese so at least she won’t starve!!!



Chicken Milanese

Friday – Sausage Meatball traybake – this is a super easy one and i’ve made these sausage meatballs before and they went down a storm so we’re going in for this again…an easy traybake win to end the week! It will be something like this one!


Sausage Meatball Traybake

Saturday – Beef Skewers – If the sun is shining i’d love to do this on the BBQ but otherwise will be done under the grill..This was a recipe from Delish Beef and Potato Skewers


Sunday – BBQ Fish:  One of the things I bought hubby for fathers day was a BBQ fish holder!! haha Just what he wanted i’m sure!!!….but i can tell you i’m very excited about using this to bbq some fish! (it’s going to rain now isn’t it?!?!?!?!) We used rainbow trout and i stuffed it very simply with flat leaf parsley, crushed garlic, lemon, olive oil and salt and pepper…then onto the BBQ for 10 mins! Yum!



I also made some delicious squid which i marinaded simply in chilli, lime juice and zest, fresh coriander, olive oil, salt and pepper and crushed garlic…So good! Then i just griddled them..



So yep that’s the plan for next week….Hope you like! Anything here which takes your fancy??




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