I constantly get asked about ideas for lunchboxes….I don’t think i’m alone when i say thinking of lunchbox ideas can be challenging and dare I say fairly tedious – trying to keep them varied and healthy whilst including something which isn’t going to come back home again!!….Luckily, at the moment I only have to do packed lunches once a week but I have been there doing them daily and i’m sure i’ll be back to making them daily again too so here are a few suggestions which I hope you’ll find useful?! Of course if you have any suggestions yourself please feel free to add in the comments section below so that we can all inspire each other!


PRINTABLE!!!!.….But to start i’ve made a little printable for you to give you some ideas when you’re feeling stuck in a rut! So just click the link! You can print this out and stick on your fridge when you’re feeling uninspired!: LUNCHBOX PRINTABLE

If you have any ideas you’d like to add to this please just shout, it is by no means an exhaustive lsit!!

….and here are are few visuals for you too – Obviously you’re not likely to have time first thing in the morning to whip some of these up but if you serve these for kids tea one evening and make a few more you can then keep them in the fridge for a day or so and then pop them into lunchboxes…all of these below can be eaten hot or cold and if you have a thermos then always a good idea to use this too – lunchboxes are fab for using up leftovers so if you meal plan bear this in mind – cook once eat twice philosophy!!


Salmon Puff Pastry Parcels


Pea and Chorizo Oven baked Frittata

IMG_2776 2

Pulled chicken Pitta’s with coleslaw


Pork and Sage Quesadillas


Halloumi Wraps

IMG_2224 2

Veggie Frittata



Veggie Pasties


Cinnamon Puff Pastry pin wheels…


Trail Mix


Egg Muffins

IMG_4774 2


Honeyed Turkey Skewers


Bolognaise Roll Ups


Spaghetti Nests


…i could go on but I hope there is something here for you as well as on the printable list…Would love to know what you think!!!

I also wanted to share a few websites which i would highly recommend for lunchbox fillers and ideas too – check them out if you haven’t already!:

Goodie Goodie Lunchbox

My Fussy Eater

My Lovely Little Lunchbox

I’m also including the link again to my snack blog post which i did which also has some ideas here which you can transfer to the lunchbox…

Snack Ideas

Hope you like and won’t be tearing your hair out the next time you come to making a packed lunch for you little one!

See you soon! xx

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