Weekly Meal Plan w/c 18th June

Another meal planner for you lovely lot. A very simplified week this week as hubby is away all week! WAHHHH!!!..Off to Berlin for work shmirk so it’s me and the kids..BUT here is the planner for you which i hope you and your little one’s will enjoy if you also join in on any of these meals! ALL EASY – If i can do it you can too!! PROMISE!

So here’s the Shopping List to start you off!: Copy of weekly schedule 18th June

……and here’s a look at the planner

weekly insta w:c 18th June.jpg


Monday: Lamb chops with a mint marinade, diced potato cubes and some veg. Alfie has footy on a Monday so will cook the potatoes first then just reheat them when needed. I’ll marinade the lamb chops earlier in the day too then i’ll simply pop these under the grill – they’re super quick to cook! Here’s the link: Grilled Lamb Chops with Rosemary Diced Potatoes


Tuesday: Leftovers surprise/Fridge Raid – Kids will have packed teas tonight at swimming so dins will just be for me as hubby is away so i’ll do a fridge forage and share my creation afterwards…that is if i don’t just reach for a bowl of granola?!?!

Wednesday: Cajun Chicken Burgers. I’m going to bash a couple of chicken breasts so that they are nice and tender and thin and then pan fry them…after rubbing them in some cajun spices and then i’m going to pop these into some thins rather than burger buns add some lettuce etc and perhaps even serve some potato wedge with these too!


Cajun Chicken Burgers

Thursday: Grilled Mackerel with stir fry veg and rice. We don’t eat a lot of mackerel but i’m always keen to get more fish into my kids so will grill this nice and simply with some stir fried veggies and rice.


Friday: Sausage wraps. Hubby and I are out and Maisie is actually on a playdate so am going to do a very easy sausage wrap for Alf!


Saturday: Chicken traybake. I haven’t done a traybake in a while. These are so easy to do, require minimal washing up which is exactly what you want at the weekend when you’re busy ferrying kids to parties, sport events etc!!!

Sunday: Slow cooked Pork. I love doing a slow cooker meal as usually means there’s lots left over for lunches etc during the week! That’s the plan anyway. Will do this with some yummy roast potatoes and roasted veg…Slow Cooked Pork



and that’s the vague plan for next week!



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