Weekly Meal Planner – w/c 11th June

Another week’s meal planner for you lovely lot!!…

Weekly plan insta 11th June

So to start as always here’s the shopping list for you which will give you an idea about what i’m actually cooking: Shopping List w:c 11th June


Monday – Veggie Patties I am being good this week and starting the week with a meatless Monday meal – all the veggies packed into little potato cakes…and here’s the link; Cauliflower, Halloumi & Potato Cakes


Tuesday – Lime and coriander Chicken. I saw this recipe on Hungry Healthy Family instagram page. It sounds packed full of flavour and totally up my street so am going to give this a whirl. Kids are swimming and will have packed teas!


Wednesday – Meatballs with matchstick root vegetable fries. Easy meatballs with a few hidden veggies no doubt…with some matchstick fries….cutting veggies into matchsticks totally speeds up the cooking time too! Here’s the link if you want to try: Veggie Packed Meatballs with Veggie Fries


Thursday – Stuffed Baked chicken. I’m going to use tomato, basil and mozarella. I haven’t written the exact recipe up for this one as i think it needs to be honed slightly but the basics are there and the kids really enjoyed it…It was simply mozarella, basil, pesto, tomato, pine nuts, olive oil, salt and pepper all stuffed into a chicken breast and then baked in the oven for around 20/25 mins at 180C. My photos for this one aren’t great either so once i’ve done it again and i’m happy with the recipe i’ll post here!!!

Friday – Homemade pizza. Kids are desperate to make pizza and what better night to have pizza than a Friday night! I’ll follow a very simple recipe from bbcgoodfood and then load on the toppings.

IMG_7452.JPGSaturday – Fish taco’s. Super quick and super tasty Fish Taco’s. The fish was very simply cut into fingers then dipped into some beaten egg and then some Matzo meal flavoured with paprika and caun spice mix…pan fried for a couple of minutes on either side and the fish is done! The kids had this pretty plain with grated carrot, cabbage and lettuce  all rolled into a wrap but i loaded mine up with black beans, sweetcorn, lettuce, red onion and a dressing made from greek yogurt and some chipotle paste! Really tasty! Kids ate all of theirs as did Mama!!!!


Sunday – Father’s Day...hmm i’m thinking we may well eat out somewhere on Sunday! You know to let Daddy have a day off cooking!!!!!!! What are you guys up to?



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