Weekly Meal Plan w/c 4th June

Sorry this is a bit later than usual – lack of laptop for a week together with half term has meant i’ve been slightly out of action but fear now i am BACK!!..as is the weekly meal planner together with a shopping list for the week which i hope helps!!

I’m thinking about switching this around a little and doing this retrospectively – as in sending this out at the end of the week so you have all the recipes in one place with all the links as well as the exact shopping list..i do try and include all the ingredients here in the shopping list but sometimes i do go off piste slightly grabbing something from my cupboard or fridge which i think would work better or enhance the dish…what do you guys think? Stick to how it is now or post once i’ve finished the week? Please comment below and let me know!

…BUT for now we’re business as usual and here is the plan for this week oh and the shopping list! SHOPPING LIST 4th JUNE


Weekly meal plan insta w:c 4th June

Monday: Slow Cooked Balsamic Lamb with couscous

This is what we all had yesterday…This recipe was from The Nourishing Spoon. Here’s the link: Balsamic Lamb

It’s so easy to make and uses minimal ingredients but it tastes so full of flavour! I added some additional rosemary to this and used red wine instead of the stock option then served with broccoli and some couscous to mop up the juices. All in my slow cooker for 6 hours and the meat just came away from the bone so easily…was really tasty so do try if you’re after a slow cooker recipe, I  would thoroughly recommend!  Alfie had seconds and practically licked his plate! Maisie cleaned her plate too..as did Mama and daddy but that’s probably a given!!



Tuesday: Garlic, prawn and chilli Orzo...So I’ve been seeing so many recipes for orzo on my instagram feed recently which has inspired me to do the same. This one is packed full of garlic and prawns with a hint of chilli. Feel free to put more or less chilli in depending on how little your kids are or how adventurous they are! The kids have packed teas on a Tuesday so this will be adult tea but there’s no reason your little one’s wouldn’t enjoy this one too! Throw in some extra veggies like peas and spinach and you’ve got yourself a very comforting, filling yet healthy meal! Here’s the link to the recipe: Prawn, Garlic & Chilli Orzo


Wednesday: Salmon Parcels. Very simply i’m going to coat some salmon in some pesto..i’m going to add some spinach to this too…(i might have to whizz the spinach into the pesto so that the kids then don’t pick it out!!!!) I’m then going to wrap a salmon fillet in some puff pastry and pop into the oven..i’ll serve with some rice and peas..or maybe even some of the leftover Orzo pasta if there is any?! Here’s the Link: Salmon Puff Pastry Parcels


Thursday: Chicken Dippers. Alfie has a playdate with a friend who hasn’t been round here before so we’re keeping it simple – chicken dippers/goujons with some homemade crinkle cut chips and some veg. Here’s the recipe: Chicken Goujons with Sesame & honey


Friday: Roast chicken with potato salad: Roasting a whole chicken just before the weekend is always a winner as you usually have a bit left over to make up lunches etc for the weekend…kids are actually out tonight but hubby and i will have this and then we’ll use the leftovers for our picky tea on Saturday and perhaps in some chicken toasties or chicken salad or something over the weekend. I’ll serve the roast chicken with a potato salad with carrots and celery…and then a green salad on the side!


Saturday: Picky Tea – Always such a good way to use up and re-purpose leftovers so we’ll do a bit of fridge raid and see what we end up with!


Sunday: Minty lamb burgers. Let’s hope the sun comes out so we can BBQ them…i’m not that hopeful but either way burgers will be made and eaten!! Yum…lamb and mint is one of my fave food pairings, you can’t really go wrong!

……and that’s it from me today! Hope you get some inspo here for your very own meal planners!..and as always please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see more or less of! I did have some requests for more slow cooker meals so will work on that!!


Have a good day!! xx

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