Weekly Meal Plan w/c 28th May

Hi everyone,

I thought I would do things a little differently this week, seeing as it’s half term and bank hols! I’m going to do a bit of a freezer raid. I’ve got loads stashed away so I’m hoping that with slightly busier days with the kids around the freezer will become my new best friend! It will hopefully provide lots of healthy homemade food but without me actually having to do a whole load of cooking…that’s the idea!

Obviously with it being half term our plans could well change (haha i seem to be saying that a lot recently!) but that’s the beauty of having everything in the freezer. There will be no waste if we’re out as i won’t take it out to defrost. I’ll know in the morning what our plans will look like so if we actually decide to head out for a picnic or grab a bite to eat out then i’ll just leave that day’s planned food in the freezer or push it back a day! How often do you grab a meal from your freezer stash?!

So as it stands here’s what the meal plan looks like:

Monday: Sausage and veggie filo pie! So i’ve got a bag of veggie pie mix left over which I used for some veggie pasties recently so i’m going to use that filling, add some cooked sausages to bulk it out a bit and top with some crunchy filo…Easy!

The link to the veggie mix is just here: Veggie Pasties


Tuesday: Pullled chicken tacos! Recipe from my pulled chicken last week..Pulled chicken Pitta’s with coleslaw  but instead of pitta’s i’ll use taco’s add some sour cream, lettuce and guacomole and I might also add some sweet chilli sauce to the chicken too…?!



Wednesday: Mystery!! haha I have a bag of something in the freezer and the label has falled off so this will be a surprise for all! I think it is a casserole of sorts!!! hahaha!! Anyone else have mystery parcels in their freezer? I’ll most likely serve with some good old mash..depending on what it is I have exactly!!!


Thursday: Tuna meatballs with mini jacket potatoes. I might deconstruct the meatballs once they have defrosted and combine the tuna with the inside of the jacket potato, mix with some cheese to make a sort of tuna melt!? The tuna meatball recipe is from myfussyeater’s latest book!


Friday:  Lamb patties I’m going to defrost these ones I have in the freezer. I may cut these up and cook with lots of chopped veggies and rice to make a rice bowl?!



Saturday: Salmon fishcakes. I haven’t made fishcakes for a while. I have a couple of salmon fillets in the freezer so will use these to make some tasty fishcakes – i’m thinking of making a thai version, so adding some thai curry paste, fish sauce, lime, coriander, spring onions and then serve with some thai rice crackers, jasmine rice and lots of greens. Yum!


Sunday: Veggie curry with naan dumplings and mini poppadoms. The veggie curry and the naan dumplings are both in the freezer so this will be super speedy!!!


..and hopefully that will get us through another week and then it will be back to school and the last half of term before summer hols! Time is seriously flying!!!…but let’s get through half term first!! Hope you guys have a good one!


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