Weekly Meal Planner w/c 14th May

So this week has been slightly up in the air! More entertaining than I had predicted…which is all good but it just meant I was busier prepping, cooking, drinking and chatting that I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write up recipes and take proper vids! Sorry!…..I am predicting a little more of the same next week, my mother in law and sister in law are here for another week so again our plans may be subject to change!…but i’ve come up with a potential meal planner  in the hope we can vaguely stick to this, if anything, it just gives me options and actually one less thing to think about on the day – if we don’t quite do a meal that’s all ok too and if i do end up cooking a meal then i can always freeze parts of it for a freezer stash so actually this could actually be a massive postive – the casserole, the curry, the lamb skewers can all be frozen!..but please bear with me for one more week then i’ll be back on track!

Anyway, for now here is what the meal plan looks like!

weekly insta 14th May

..and you can find the shopping list just here: Weekly shopping list 14th May


Monday: Sundried tomato fish bites with hassleback potatoes. I’m going to make little fish bites for the kids and then for the adults leave these as full fillets. Same ingredients and slightly different technique but hopefully both straight forward!..and here’s the link:

Sun-dried tomato haddock with hassleback potatoes


Tuesday: Lamb skewers with flatbreads. My sister-in law very kindly made dinner tonight so this one is on hold until next week!!

Wednesday: Pork and cheese quesadillas. Will prep the pork earlier in the day and then when they get back from school will quickly load up the wraps and then dry fry.

The link to the recipe is just here: Pork and Sage Quesadillas


Thursday: Chicken casserole. The one day the kids don’t have any after school activities!! A chicken casserole we can all eat – one pan, minimal washing up!


The link is here for you;

Friday – Dinner Party! Have yet to decide on the menu, i’m thinking goats cheese style starter with red onions…followed by butterflied leg of lamb and then for puds?! hmmm..we’ll see. I’m going to have to get my thinking cap on!

What I ended up cooking was:

Starter was: Goats cheese with Marinaded beetroot with some added crushed walnuts.

Main was: Butterflied leg of lamb with lemon marinade which I served with roasted new potatoes, roasted tomatoes, green beans and tenderstem broccoli

and Dessert was: Cappuccino Creme Brulee

Saturday – Our plans changed so chicken and potato salad saved for another day!

Sunday – Lamb curry. I’m going to try and make a big batch of this so I can also freeze a stash for a later date. Using lots of spices and herbs – Yum!


Hopefully the week will look something like the above! Who knows!?!! xx


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