Weekly Meal Planner w/c 30th April

Hi everyone,

How have your weeks been? I have to say with hubby away it’s felt like a fairly long week!..although it does amaze me how tidy the house is when he’s away? Surely he can’t be as bad as the kids?!…Anyway he’s back for the weekend so that’s all good and next week will be business as usual!

As always here’s the shopping list!

Shopping list 30.04.18

So let’s start with Monday: Bubble and Squeak with a fried egg! Everything always tastes better with a fried egg. I’m going to cook lots veggies on the Sunday before with our roast so hopefully i’ll be able to use the leftovers from that to make a quick and easy bubble and squeak!…and here’s the link for the full recipe: Bubble and Squeak



Tuesday: Sesame crusted chicken with noodles. Some Asian inspired flavours with this one i’ll coat the chicken fillets in flour, egg and then sesame seeds and will then make an asian inspired dressing to go with the noodles and serve with lots of veggies too!

..and here’s the link in case you want to recreate! Sesame Chicken with Stir Fry Noodles


Wednesday: Chilli Con Carne. Maisie has gymnastics on a Wednesday so we always need to be fairly speedy so i’ll prep this all beforehand then it will just be a case of reheating it before heading out the door again! I think i’ll serve with rice in some taco bowls with some peas. For adults i’ll add sour cream, fresh coriander and guacamole…kids will turn their noses up at the add ons!!!..


Thursday: Cod with braised peas and pancetta. A light and spring like meal!..let’s hope the weather is feeling the same! Peas and pancetta is always such a delicious combo….yum!

Friday: Muffin Pizza. My daughter is out as are hubby and i so i’ll make a super simple muffin pizza for Alf! He’ll be happy!

Saturday: AWAY – We’re having a night in London with a friend of ours…kids are so excited to be going on a sleepover too! So i’m afraid the kitchen is closed today!!

Sunday: Lamb traybake  which i’ll do with some new potatoes, asparagus and a minty/herby sauce i think! My in-laws are coming over from Canada to stay for a couple of weeks so starting the entertaining off with something super simple yet hopefully tasty too!

Hopefully you’ll like what you see!! Will upload all recipes as I go along so be sure to check back here if there’s something you’d like the recipe for!


Have a fab week! xx


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