Tandoori Fish Skewers

Evening all!

So I made this about a year ago now and both kids polished off their plates…I can tell you that tonight was no different so it’s definitely one to be repeated!…Maisie has been off fish for the last few months, she’s eaten it but it’s been a bit of a struggle so the fact she ate her entire skewer tonight without a fuss was a bit of result!….so if your little one is off fish too maybe try the tandoori way!?!

The recipe was inspired by Good To Know which I followed the first time around about a year ago!…which you can see in the pics below. I used haddock and cooked them in a frying pan just as pieces….


and these pics below are the ones I made tonight on skewers using salmon and cod. I cooked these under the grill. I think the salmon turned out better…but both were gobbled up.. The recipe in the link above calls for you to cook them in a wok but personally I think they are better on skewers and grilled but both options work…The marinade is super easy too:

You’ll need fish fillets, cod, haddock or salmon all work. Cut your fillets into chunks

IMG_9292 ….then make your marinade which is simply:

  • 3 tbsp Tandoori Paste
  • Around 150ml natural yogurt
  • Squeeze of half a lime

IMG_9282 2

Mix all of this together in a dish and then mix in your fish making sure the pieces are coated. Cover and leave in the fridge for a few hours.


Then when you’re ready to cook simply pop the pieces onto skewers and then pop under the grill, turning a couple of times…



and then serve with some rice, peas and broccoli and a squeeze of lime! You can also add some tzatziki to this as well but my kids aren’t keen so left this out this time. In the original recipe it also calls for a carrot salad but again I omitted this as the kids weren’t as keen last time, instead they just had plain grated carrot…it’s good though so worth a try!…but in this instance it didn’t seem to matter as everyone cleaned their plates and hubby and Alfie went back for seconds!

IMG_9340 2




Until tomorrow!!!! XX

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