Weekly Planner w/c 16th April

I’m back!!!!….so I thought I would get cracking with sending you my meal planner starting on Monday. As always there will be lots of step by step video’s over on my instagram page and i’ll be updating all the recipes right here on this page each evening.

I’ve got some really exciting things coming up over the next couple of weeks which I literally can’t wait to share with you all so watch this space!!…but for now here is the weekly planner starting on Monday 16th.

As always i’m attaching the shopping list for you…which is a rough guide. I’m leaving Friday blank as all will be revealed then so please stay tuned!!…but for all other days please check out the link for the ingredients you’ll be needing! Shopping List w/c 16th April

MondayMince with spiralised crispy potatoes. Keeping it simple tonight with a classic mince/bolognaise recipe, easing myself in!!…but instead of serving this with spaghetti (Maisie still not a massive fan of pasta!! ARGH!!) So instead i’m going to try and do some crispy spiralised potatoes…fingers crossed these turn out how they do in my head!! Click here for the full recipe! Mince with Crispy Spiralised Potatoes



TuesdayTandoori Fish. I’ve made these before and the kids wolfed them down so let’s hope they do the same again tonight. Maisie has gone off fish recently so i’m trying to woo her back in…maybe some pink fish might do the trick? This recipe is from Good to Know and I can tell you this one is good to know!! I’ve also popped my version here for you!

Below is a pic of tonight’s meal (grilled on skewers)



Wednesday Veggie Parcels. If i’m totally honest i always struggle a bit with coming up with exciting and tasty veggie meals. We’re such meat and fish eaters in our house but i’m trying each week to include a veggie meal so i’m going to cram this pastie with lots of veggies! The link to the full recipe is just here: Veggie Pasties


Thursday – Roast chicken legs with root vegetable crisps. Easy peasy traybake style food because you always have to have a traybake in your life to make things super simple!…and the link for you is here!: Crispy Veggie Chips


Friday – Friday night fakeaway! Stay tuned as I have a really exciting recipe coming up for this one! For the full recipe here’s the link!: Curried Chicken Burgers with Sainsbury’s #AD

Curried Chicken burger insta post 1

Saturday – Sausage and veggie skewers. I’ve bought some slightly different sausages this week which i’m going to try out with the kids. They are pork but with added kale and butternut squash…kids seemed to approve!  I then popped these onto a skewer with lots of yummy veggies, i roasted some courgettes, parsnips and carrots in a garlic, lemon, honey and olive oil marinade..then simply threaded them on to a skewer with the cooked suasages.  Another easy dinner to get us all through the first week back of school runs!!


SundayBeef Casserole. I might do this one in the slow cooker and add some tasty mushrooms, some ale and tinned tomatoes for a rich and tasty Sunday feast served with some creamy mash and greens!



…and that’s it!! Remember to check back here each day as i’ll be posting lots of pics and the exact recipes each day!

As ever I really hope you like the meals you see and if you do try anything please don’t forget to tag me in any of your posts! I love seeing your creations!

Hope you’ve all had a fab fab Easter! xx



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