Weekly Meal Planner – w/c 12th March

Hi Everyone,

Another week has flown by, this one in particular has gone so quickly and it’s been super busy….who knew updating a website could be so time consuming!! Anyway, i have managed to find time to sit down and write next week’s shopping list for you which goes with the planner!

So all you need to do is simply click SHOPPING LIST 12TH MARCH

I’ve done it meal by meal as i’m not sure you will all follow all of the recipes? Am i right? OR would you rather have a Full weeks shopping list? Please let me know which is more useful! or both?! Would love to hear from you on this.

I’ll update the website as I go along each night so be sure to keep checking back here for all the relevant links so the recipes.

Monday – Mushroom and Halloumi burger. This is our veggie option for the week, not sure totally what hubby will make of this but i’m adding some couscous here to hopefully bulk it out a bit! I absolutely love halloumi and mushrooms so i know i’ll enjoy it!!!! I’ll fry off some red onion very slowly, add some thyme and some balsamic vinegar. I’ll roast the mushroom and halloumi in the oven and then pile on the onion mix..and serve with some couscous with some rocket stirred through..or something like that! For the full recipe click the link: Mushroom Burgers with Halloumi


Tuesday – Chicken and Chorizo traybake. This is always a winner in our house. Chorizo seems to be the lure in our house!! I’ll make this with green beans, potatoes, some paprika, garlic and lemon and then roast everything in the oven! Simple yet tasty! Check out the full recipe just here: Chicken and Chorizo traybake



Wednesday –  Fish Goujon wraps. Kids have a playdate tonight so hopefully keeping this simple will mean all tea guests will eat it! I’ll coat some fish in some seasoned flour, egg and breadcrumbs and then i’ll place these into some wraps with some mayo and some iecburg lettuce. I may do some potato wedges or chips on the side! For the full recipe just click the link: Fish Goujon Wraps


Thursday – Away

Friday – Homemade pizza. I’m going to make some flat breads and then let the kids top the pizza. I’ll offer them a few options and they can load their pizza up! Perfect Friday night food! Easy flatbread recipe with 1 cup self raising flour and 1 cup yogurt, miced together to form a dough and then shaped and then cooked in a large frying pan on either side until browned.


Saturday – Lamb Koftas. An easy recipe for this one using lamb mince and adding some mango chutney into the mix as well. Wrap the mixture around some skewers and you’re onto a winner! Serve with some naan bread and some homemade tzatziki! Delicious! You can check out the exact recipe here: Lamb Koftas


Sunday – A simple roast chicken, flavoured with lemon and thyme. Classic combinations. I’m going to serve this with some root vegetable crisps, roast potatoes and some peas!

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