Weekly Meal Planner w/c 26/02/18

Hello lovelies,

How are we all? Hope you’ve all had a good week! It’s amazing how quickly the weeks are flying by at the moment….just when i’ve done one meal planner I seem to be planning the next!!…Really hope this format etc is working for you all. Please, please let me know if you feel anything needs changing, anything not working, anything additional you’d rather see?

But sticking to the same formula this week here is my weekly plan for next week. Hope you like it and feel inspired to maybe try a couple of these yourself!

So i’ll just take you through this week and then as i go along making these recipes i’ll pop the full recipes and photos up on here so do keep checking back througout the week!

You can check out the shopping list here….Weekly shopping list w:c 26.02.18

Monday – Miso Fish Kebabs with Rice. I’m going to try a Lizzie King recipe from Lizzieloveshealthy book. Miso fish, it sounds delicious and packed full of flavour too..

Lizzie makes hers with pointed cabbage but i went for some cauliflower rice cooked in a little water and with garlic and grated ginger. I then added some cooked green beans and stirred some spinach through until wilted. Was a delicious accompaniment!!

Lizzie’s Miso cod with cauliflower rice

Tuesday – Gardeners Pie. I’m going to make a veggie pie with creamy mash on top which is inspired from a recipe I found in the Feel Good Food magazine I bought at the airport on my way back from Jersey! It’s packed with lentils, carrots, parnips and i think the hidden ingredient is sun-dried tomato paste and bacon! YUM! Hopefully i can make it taste and look as good as it does in the magazine! The FULL RECIPE of my version and step by steps are in the link just HERE

IMG_2735 2


Wednesday – Crispy coated chicken drumsticks with curled potatoes and veg. Maisie has a playdate so trying to offer up something very kiddy friendly tonight hopefully this will do the trick! I’ll simply coat the drumsticks in flour with some added herbs in this instance i put thyme, oregano and mixed herbs, then egg and then breadcrumbs and will just pop that in the oven for 35/40 mins at 180C with some curled potatoes which i saw on @cocomamabebe’s account on instagram. They look fab so am going to try these out!


Thursday – Beef Strudel which is inspired by Judianne from Quick Healthy Family MealsI’m really looking forward to making this one. It’s basically mince with mushrooms, spinach and pine nuts rolled in pastry and then baked in the oven! I love getting inspiration from people I follow on instagram! I’ve included carrots and some celery in mine but head over to her page for the full recipe!


Friday – Bean and rice burritos. We’re giving some burritos a go this week as our veggie option which i hope the kids will like. Black beans and rice together with dairy free cheese, coriander and a few spices! Hoping my kids will jump on board this veggie number! For the full recipe check out the link…Bean and Rice Burritos



Saturday – Prawn croquettes. I’ll make these and then probably serve them with a few picky bits for Saturday lunch. Hubby and I are out on Saturday evening. The kids will have something for dinner out of the freezer no doubt but for lunch we’ll all have these!! They are basically prawns, mash potato, paprika, spring onion, garlic, mayo and lemon! YUM! For the FULL RECIPE and lots more pics just click HERE



Sunday – Slow roasted lamb shanks. Hopefully with lots of rich gravy served with some mash to mop up all the juices., I’ll make lots of mash on Saturday when i’m making the croquettes so Sunday will be an easy slow cooking day. Probably just what we’ll need after a late Saturday night!!! Perfect Sunday comfort food I reckon!

As always i’ll update this page as I go through the week with all the pics and full recipes so hopefully see you back here very soon!






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