Weekly planner w/c 19th Feb

Hi everyone,

How were your half terms? Ours was so lovely but I have to say i do like routine in my life so there is a small part of me which is really looking forward to getting back to the school run!!…ok maybe not the school run part but the routine!! Is that just me??

….but talking of routine part of my weekly routine includes meal planning! So here is my week starting tomorrow! Like the past few weeks I’ll try and feature as many stories over on my instagram and facebook page with lots of step by steps and will post the recipe for you lovely lot at the end of each day and will update here too each evening, there’s also a SHOPPING LIST so CLICK HERE for that and be sure to check back here for each update but for now here’s a brief look at how our week is looking!

MONDAY – Lamb Cutlet Traybake with Salsa Verde: This week we are starting with an easy Lamb cutlet traybake! Kids have swimming which usually drives me to wine and for some reason zaps all my energy (again is this just me??!) so Monday nights are for hubby and I and I try to keep it really simple! I’ll make an easy salsa verde to go with the lamb which will include lemon, garlic, capers, mint and parsley with some olive oil and i’ll then throw in some potatoes and lots of veggies to get the week started!

For the full recipe and extra pics just CLICK HERE



TUESDAY – STIR FRY GNOCCHI! Tuesday will be our veggie night! I’ll boil the gnocchi first then add to a large frying pan and fry with lots of butter and garlic and add carrots, courgettes, broccoli and whatever other veggies i have lying around!  I’m hoping the kids will eat most of these veggies, they are fairly fail safe with my two, although as always with kids it will be mood dependent! They both LOVE gnocchi though so hopefully that will be what lures them into the veggies as well! Fingers crossed! For the full recipe CLICK HERE



WEDNESDAY – CHICKEN MILANESE! I’ll bash some chicken breasts with my trusty rolling pin to flatten these out and i’ll then coat in flour, egg and then some cheesy breadcrumbs and lemon zest. Serve with some veg and some potato wedges. Easy dins for the kids, hubby is out! Full recipe just HERE


THURSDAY – MINI SMOKED HADDOCK FISH PIES Maisie is going through a fussy stage with fish at the moment but seems to like the smoked fish so we’re going with this and i’m going to make some mini fish pies. I’ll include peas and boiled eggs in there too and i’m going to top with crispy potatoes instead of mash just to switch things up a bit!


For the full recipe click just HERE


FRIDAY – TURKEY NACHOS I”ve made these before, a while back now but they’re so tasty and the kids love them. Using Turkey reduces the fat here as turkey is a leaner meat…i’ll probably make my own nachos from wraps.




As ever for the full recipe simply click RIGHT HERE

SATURDAY – LONDON BABY!!!!! Ah i’m so so excited to be heading to London to see my best friend and my godsons who, quite frankly, I don’t see enough of as we live so far away! Makes me so sad that we don’t see enough of each other even through we speak most weeks but it just makes these little day trips even more exciting and special! I can’t wait! We decided not to do Christmas pressies this year and instead we opted for an experience so we get to hang out together!!…so we’re taking the kids to the Science Museum and then to the Rainforest cafe!

SUNDAY – LAMB TAGINE WITH COUSCOUS I’m going to try LIZZIE LOVES HEALTHY  lamb tagine which is a recipe from her book but also from the Feel Good Food Magazine I picked up at the airport! Looks delicious so I can’t wait to try it!

…and that’s it for another week!

Hope there’s something here which inpires you! As always please share your pics and feedback on insta or facebook as i absolutely love hearing from you!

In the meantime have a great week!! xx

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