Weekly Meal Planner w/c 5th Feb

It’s a slightly shorter meal plan this week as the kids and I are heading off for half term to see my parents! My hubby will have to survive on the freezer stash! To be fair there’s quite a bit in there now so think he’ll be ok!…he’s actually a pretty good cook as well so not worried!…but yes this week we leave on Sunday so the plan is 6 days and hope that you’ll follow along with me again this week! It’s been AMAZING to get all the comments and feedback from you all…honestly, amazing! Thank you! first of all i just wanted put out a DISCLAIMER!!!!….


So I just wanted to say something about the shopping list! When I meal plan I look through recipe books, check what I have already in the cupboard/freezer/fridge and also look online and insta for inspiration, my kids also get involved. From all of that I then get an idea in my head about what i’m going to cook so the initial shopping list is based around this idea in my head!! (unless I explicitly say that i’ve taken a recipe from somewhere) On the day, as i’m cooking I quite often decide to add an additional ingredient (for example I may have some veg that needs eating or the dish may require a little more spice or herbs) As soon as i’ve made the recipe I will then go and amend the shopping list. BUT before I cook the meal please use the shopping list as a guide….a GOOD guide!..but a guide all the same as sometimes i’ll switch it up as i’m cooking! Hope that makes sense! By the end of the week you’ll have ALL the recipes here on this page and the shopping list will then be updated and exactly as I have cooked it!!! Hope that makes sense!!!

Right so talking of SHOPPING LISTS – CLICK  HERE to access this week’s shopping list w/c 5th Feb!

Monday:  So Monday is always dinner for two as the kids have packed teas up at swimming. So this week we’re starting the week relatively healthily with some fish!


Rough method: Baked in the oven very simply with tomatoes and chorizo which i have leftover from last week’s fishcakes! Will add some garlic and red onion together with a handful of fresh tomatoes and puree as then i’ll stir in some cooked quinoa in the end and serve with some green beans.

For the full recipe click HERE

Tuesday: Veggie day! This recipe is inspired by the lovely account i follow @mylittlefoodcritic check her out if you’re not already! She’s got a few variations on fritters up on her page.

Rough method: I’m adapting it slightly and the list of ingredients is on the shopping list. I’ll grate the veg, add a little spice and  then combine with an egg and some flour to bind it all together.



I tried a couple of different variations out with the kids. Maisie’s fave was:

Option 1) Grated parsnips, carrot, sweet potato, maris piper, onion, garlic and the secret ingredients maple syrup and some sesame oil! I then added around 2tbsp flour and an egg and then mixed all together, seasoned and then fried these in a little oil. I made these early in the day so when the kids were then wanting tea i actually heated them up again in the oven for 10 mins at 180C and they came out really well!

Option 2) Alfie preferred the spiced version which was a whole heap of veggies (i think we had cooked broccoli which was leftover, red onion and crushed garlic with grated carrot, sweet potato, courgette (with the water squeezed out) maris piper potato and then i added 1 tsp paprika and 1 tsp harrisa paste and then combined with around 2 tbsp flour and an egg. Seasoned, formed into patties and then gently fried.

The recipe and the photo’s need a bit of work so I won’t do a separate post just yet! Hopefully the above is pretty self explanatory and i’ll leave you with some pics here!



Wednesday: Mince Roll Ups – again inspired from instagram and the lovely account @our_little_table. These would be great in lunchboxes too for anyone who’s in that zone!

IMG_0328 2

Rough Method: The mince is leftover from the rice and mince dish i made last week which is currently sitting in the freezer so i’ll defrost that then make the dough as per the shopping list ingredients. I’ll roll the dough out, spread the mince on top roll up cut into pin wheels and then pop into the oven with some cheese on top! YUM!

For the full recipe and pics click HERE

Thursday: Sausage meatball traybake. I’m such a fan of trabakes as they are so easy to do and there’s little washing up. I’m complicating it a little as want to cram a few more veggies into my meatballs so there is some mixing but you can keep the meatballs very rustic so there’s no hassle in rolling them out into perfect balls!


Rough Method: Using sausage meat i can put some extra veggies in…i’ll grate some carrots and some apple add this to the sausage meat and then roll into rustic balls and place them into a baking tray. I’ll add some parsnips, some additional carrot batons and new potatoes together with some onion and garlic. Hopefully a dinner winner!

For more pics and for the full recipe and method just click HERE

Friday: Chicken Tikka Wraps – Wraps feel like Friday food and chicken tikka feels close enough to a fakeaway! Yay it’s the weekend!IMG_0617


Rough Method: I’ll marinade some chicken pieces in some spices and some yogurt with a squeeze of lemon and garlic. I’ll then most likely skewer the chicken pieces and then pop under the grill. Once cooked i’ll simply place into some wraps with some spinach, another squeeze of lemon, fresh coriander (which the kids will probably pick out) and will most likely serve with some potato wedges and some cherry tomatoes.

For the full recipe please click HERE


Saturday: An easy fake roast a day early!

Rough Method: I’ll place some chicken legs onto a baking tray add a whole head of garlic, cut in half together with some onion wedges, some fresh lemon and thyme.I’ll crumble over a stock cube add a splash of water and then serve with some carrot and potato mash as well as some greenery, most likely green beans and broccoli!

Sunday – We’re away!! Hubby will be tucking into the freezer stash..that is if he doesn’t eat out or pick up the phone for a take away!!!!! Think he’ll be ok…and hopefully we’ll be tucking into a yummy roast at my parents!! Whoop! Half – term here we come!


Hope you all have a fab fab week!! Thanks as always, for being here! xx

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