Weeky Food Planner – Week 17


Hope you’re well. So the end of term is nearly here and summer holiday’s are just around the corner!!!….but don’t worry there are definitely a few more weekly planners to go!

Weekly Food Planner week 17.jpg


Monday – Picnic tea

What about eating the rainbow?! These little veggie rainbow kebabs are so easy to make, they can easily go into lunchboxes, be taken on picnics or just be eaten around the table in picky picnic tea fashion! I roasted all the veg first on a baking tray for 30 minutes with some olive oil and seasoning and then when cooked I simply threaded them onto a skewer. You could skewer them first and pop them on the BBQ or under the grill but I found this way just as easy to do and no burnt skewers!

Maisie picked off the corn as it’s probably the one vegetable she doesn’t like, so fair enough, but the aubergine was hidden slightly with the courgette and she didn’t notice and ate it..when I asked how the aubergine was she looked slightly confused! Once I told her she had eaten aubergine she said that she liked it so a veg she may not have touched before was eaten mistakenly and liked!! That’s a win for me! It’s definitely worth including veggies you know they will like and then maybe throw in something they’ve never tried before! You never know!


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Tuesday – Beef meatloaf

Meatloafs seem to go down pretty well in our house and this one is no exception. Another one from BBC Good Food and it has delivered again! I didn’t include the parmesan as we’re trying to steer clear of dairy for Maisie’s tummy and I used sourdough breadcrumbs but otherwise this recipe was as per the link and it was really tasty…will definitely be doing this one again!

Here’s the link: Italian meatloaf



Wednesday – Gingered chicken patties

Really tasty Asian flavours going on with this recipe. Any patties are great as I know, for the most part, I can pop them into lunchboxes later that week and Alfie will gobble them up. You can also freeze these so definitely make a bigger batch so you can whip these out of the freezer when you’re feeling slightly less time rich! Click the link for the recipe..

Gingered Chicken Patties


Thursday – Tuna, sweetcorn and jacket potatoes

Easy, tasty, healthy and cheap! What more could you want?! I think i’ve posted about my difficulty with tinned tuna!…as in i can’t eat it!..but that shouldn’t mean that my kids shouldn’t be offered it for them to also make their choices on whether they like it or not!…turns out they both love it!

Rub a jacket potato with some salt and olive oil first then pop in the oven for about 40/50 mins, depending on their size. I prick them with a fork as well.

Meanwhile take one can of tinned tuna, some tinned sweetcorn, some spring onion finely chopped and some mayo and mix. I also used some cooked courgettes in mine but you could omit this! I then popped the tuna mix into a ramekin, put a sprinkling of cheese over the top and then just grilled it for a couple of minutes to melt the cheese! Serve this with a jacket potato and you’ve got yourself a filling and healty dins!


Friday – Mini Pizza’s

I’m not sure why but anything in mini form always tastes better and seems to  be way more appealing to little mouths too! I guess being mini means it’s slightly less daunting for them to eat!

You could of course make your own base but if you want a super speedy and hassle free Friday night then buy a ready made base, smooth over some passata or pizza base sauce and then get a cookie cutter and cut the shapes out. It’s easier to cut them out now rather than once they’ve cooked. Once you’ve cut the shapes out…you could use any shape really!…then start putting on your toppings and get the kids involved in this part too! Easy dinner…serve with some potato wedges or garlic bread!



Saturday  – Crispy duck and pancakes with hoisin sauce!

So good! This is one of my favourite takeaway dishes but instead of calling up for a takeaway it’s just as easy to cook and shred the duck yourself! All you need is a duck leg and some chinese 5 spice. Simply coat the duck with some Chinese 5 spice and pop the duck into the oven for 45 mins at 180C. Once cooked through, shred the duck with two forks and then fill your pancakes! Add some hoisin sauce, some chopped spring onions and fine cucumber matchsticks. You can also try using lettuce as wraps instead of the pancakes…yum yum!


Sunday – Turkey Chillli Nachos

It’s definitely a step away from a traditional Sunday roast but with the weather warming up a bit I feel like Sunday’s are more about BBQ’s, sharing platters and lighter meals. This was really tasty and Alfie ate his entire plate..which i was amazed at, seeing as he piled his plate sky high! Switching away from beef and moving to turkey also makes this healthier and swap shop bought tortillas for homemade tortillas using wholemeal wraps, cut into triangles and roasted in the oven for about 5-8 minutes.



For the Guacomole you simply need: Big handful of chopped fresh coriander, 1 avocado mashed, half a red onion finely diced, juice of a lime. Mash the avocado first then add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Then season to taste.

To garnish the chilli throw on some extra fresh coriander, a dollop of natural yogurt and some extra lime wedges with a sprinkling of chilli flakes


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Have a good week! Thank you again for being here and reading these recipes and planners – it really means a lot, as does all you feedback, the good and the bad so please feel free to message me or leave a comment below – thank you!


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