Freezer Food

I am away with the kids this half term leaving hubby to fend for himself while i get spoilt at home with my parents!!….i think he’ll just about cope!! He’s probably a better cook than me….don’t tell him i said that though! When i’m away I usually stock up the fridge a bit but would’t usually do a meal plan for him!!…he’s quite enjoys creating his own meals and grabbing food as and when but having just looked through the freezer there’s actually quite a bit here.

So I have left him with a freezer full of homemade food which he can plough his way through, i’m sure he’ll also squeeze in a cheeky takeaway or two as well! It’s a good idea to clear out your freezer every so often so this is as good a time as any so when i get back i can start re-stocking again!….Whenever i’m cooking a meal I tend to make double and freeze the leftovers. Freezing muffins and energy balls too for packed lunches are a brilliant lifesaver when your fridge supplies are running low and it’s always good to know you have a home cooked meal in the freezer for those days when, well, quite frankly you don’t have the energy to rustle up a meal for the family. We all have those days right??

So having just double checked the contents of my freezer hubby can happily feast on the following with minimal effort required – maybe just cooking some veg which he is more than capable of doing!

So he has:

Homemade salmon and sweet potato fishcakes – you can find the recipe here: Weekly Food planner – week 1

Shepherds pie with sweet potato topping – Weekly Food planner – Week 4

Bacon and courgette risotto – Weekly Food Planner – Week 11

Turkey and courgette layer lasagne –  (This recipe is coming up so watch this space!)

Kedgeree –  Weekly Food Planner – Week 6

There’s also some cod in there if he wants to get creative himself and some gnocchi and for when he’s feeling a bit peckish and fancies a snack there are some leftover mighty breakfast muffins (@mylovelylittlelunchbox) and some peanut energy balls!

What else do I usually keep in the freezer?

I usually have frozen chicken fillets and breasts and salmon as these are pretty much staples in our household. I also have lots of frozen veg, peas, sweetcorn, corn on the cob, broccoli and green beans and also some mediterranean veg. There are some edamame in there at the moment too. I also have lots of frozen fruit, bananas, mango’s and berries which are perfect for whipping up smoothies!…oh there’s also some smoothie ice-lollies in there but with the lovely weather coming up over the next few days i think these may be devoured by two certain hungrylittlebears before we leave!!

So a slightly different meal planner this week but hopefully still some ideas for you guys to re-do and try if you didn’t get round to it the first time…if the weather’s nice there are aways BBQ’s and picnics…yum!

Have a great week everyone – let’s hope the sun stays out!!!


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