Weekly Food Planner – Week 10

So this week we have…….

Weekly Meal planner week 10


Monday – If you’re at home, grab a big board and some silicone cupcake cases and fill them all with picnic style foods – put some cheese in one, some shredded lettuce in another, slices of red pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, what about some cream cheese and some smoked salmon or some slices of turkey? My kids are loving smoked mackerel pate and smoked salmon pate at the moment so you could make a batch of this and let them spread it onto some bagels or melba toast..basically let the kids decide and let them make their own sandwiches! Something like this perhaps? You could include some nuts, dried apricots, energy balls and some fruit for dessert….enjoy and happy sandwich building!



Tuesday – chicken and mushroom hotpot

This is so good and my kids literally inhaled this when i cooked it for them the first time and Maisie has seconds which is pretty unheard of!! It’s a take on this Jamie Oliver quick Chicken and Mushroom Pie  The filling is the same, really simple to do i just switched the topping from a pastry topping to a sliced sweet potato topping to make this slightly healthier..also my kids weirdly not massively keen on pastry. They are the type who will peel the pastry off a sausage roll and just eat the sausage!..so yes just switched it around a little bit to make it into a hotpot…it’s a winner in our house for sure!




Wednesday – Loaded Jacket potatoes

Why not try something like this?



Bake the jacket in the oven for around 45 – 60 minutes depending on the size of the potato. I tend to rub my potato in a bit of oil before placing into the oven. Once cooked, cut the potato in half, scoop out the filling into a bowl and then add some butter, spring onion, cooked bacon and then pop back into the potato, top with some cheese and grill for a couple of minutes or until the cheese has melted and turned golden…serve simply with some salad, cucumber and cherry tomatoes!

Thursday – Honey and Mustard chicken with Hedgehog hasselback potatoes!

For the hasselback potatoes!

It’s a good idea to find a large spoon and place your potato on top of that before making the incisions. The spoon will stop the knife cutting all the way through the potato. See pics (hope this makes sense!)


So make the incisions all the way along the potato. Once you’ve done them all pop them onto a baking tray with a good glug of oil and some butter, about 1 tbsp. Salt and pepper and then pop into the oven for around 40 minutes until golden and the potatoes start to fan out a little…once cooked you can gently press in the end of each potato to cause two indentations with your thumbs and then press a raisin into each side to make the eyes…et voila!

For the chicken: Mix some honey, juice of half a lemon, good glug of olive oil and some dijon mustard together with some salt and pepper..mix well and then pour over some chicken mini fillets. Then roast in the oven for 20 mins.

Serve with veg of your choice!



Friday – Chorizo and Halloumi skewers with a honey and lime dressing served with spinach and some roasted veg and cauliflower rice.

This was inspired by someone i follow on instagram – @scrummylane.

For the cauliflower rice – Roast some veg in the oven, courgettes, red peppers, carrots, red onion, whatever you have lying around in the fridge, sprinkle with some mixed herbs and salt and pepper and then roast for about 35/40 minutes and then leave aside. Meanwhile, grate a whole head of cauliflower in your food processor using the grater attachment to make rice. Then transfer the rice into a large shallow pan with a splash of water, put the lid on and then steam for 3-4 minutes, season well. Mix the cauliflower and the roasted veg together.

For the skewers:

Simply cut the chorizo and halloumi into similar sized pieces and thread onto a pre-soaked wooden skewer and then grill for 5-10 minutes, turning a few times until golden..If you don’t like halloumi try switching to chicken pieces, if you don’t like cherry tomatoes maybe switch to red peppers?


For the honey and lime dressing:

  • 1 lime (juice & zest)
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon white wine or cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt/pepper to taste

Saturday – Gammon and mash..with a fried egg on top??

I simply glazed the gammon with a mix of honey and mustard and oil and brushed all over. I then put this into a pre-heated oven at 180ºC for around 40 minutes. Check with your butcher or the packet depending on the size of your gammon. This was a small one! Alternatively you could buy gammon steaks as this would be much quicker if you’re short of time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Serve it with some mash potato and peas and it’s yummy with a fried egg on top too!!

Sunday – Sausage and bean casserole

This recipe is from the Allergy Free Family cookbook. It’s a great book, i’ve already mentioned it a few times! This one’s a hit, easy, comforting, filling and satisfying! Keeping all tummies filled!



Bean and sausage casserole

Have a great week guys! Thanks for following! Please #hungrylittlebears on instagram for any recipes you try! Would love to see your pics!


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