Week 2 Food planner


Hope you managed to try a few of the recipes from the first planner. Here are some more ideas for you which i hope will fill some tummies and save you time!


Monday – Picnic tea

Why not try some pitta filled with egg mayo and put in some mushrooms, carrots and cucumber batons. Of you’re not on the run and you’re having a picnic style meal at home why not fill a muffin tray with various things for your kids to choose from…chicken pieces, grapes, cashew nuts, pretzels, cheese cubes, sliced ham, egg muffin…

Tuesday – Chicken Fajitas

These are super quick and a great way to get the kids involved. Include sour cream, guacamole or fresh avocado, grated cheese, salsa and wraps. My kids aren’t great with peppers so i usually just add carrot and courgette batons to my chicken and they put those into their wraps…tasty!


Wednesday – Cauliflower Pizza.

I followed a recipe from the Food Network by Katie Lee http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/katie-lee/cauliflower-pizza-crust

This is a really healthy alternative to pizza..i would say make sure you do get as much water out of the cauliflower as possible and keep the base quite thin, that’s the only faffy bit, otherwise this is pretty straight forward and the kids love putting the toppings on!


Thursday – Meatballs

Meatballs with mini jacket potatoes and tenderstem broccoli. You could easily make this just spaghetti meatballs but my daughter isn’t great with pasta so instead we’re going with with mini jacket potatoes just to switch things up a bit! Maybe throw in some garlic bread too!?


Friday – Tuna burgers.

I’ve used this recipe from BBC food. This is really quick and simple to make and hopefully one your whole family will enjoy! Serve in some soft buns and a mini side salad, so some cucumbers, tomatoes and cucumbers.


Tuna burgers week2.JPG


Chilli con carne with wholegrain rice and tortilla chips! I’ll also serve this with broccoli which if full of calcium. My daughter is currently on a dairy free diet so trying to get some calcium rich foods into her!




Sunday – Pan roast cajun chicken

A traybake takes all the stress out of a roast! This is a recipe from a waitrose card i picked up in store, really simple but really tasty and my kids love this one too! You simply add chicken thighs, chopped walnuts, courgettes, sweet potatoes honey and cajun spices. If your kids aren’t good with spices then only put a teaspoon of cajun spice or just omit and have honey chicken bake! Serve this with peas and kale crisps (5 mins in the oven drizzled with oil and salt).

Cajun chicken traybake.JPG


Thanks so much for taking a look – Hopefully see you back here again next week for more food inspo! xx



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