My first weekly planner!…whoop!

So here is it! My first blog and my first weekly food planner. Eeek…!


I hope you’ll find most of these meals quick and simple yet tasty enough for the whole family to enjoy..I’d love to hear any feedback you have so that i can continue to work on the site and improve the planners..I hope you enjoy and find these useful, easy to follow, helpful and above all time saving!



My kids have swimming on a Monday evening so we tend to take a picnic tea with us and they eat it there. There’s no reason why you can’t do a buffet style/picnic tea at home as well!? You can be as creative as you like! I’ll be writing another blog soon with a ton of ideas of what you could include….Buffet style meals are a great way to get fussy eaters to eat. If they can choose what they put on their plate they are more likely to eat it as it gives them independence on what they eat. Here are a few ideas, bagels, sandwiches cut into rounds, banana muffins, granola bars, carrot cake cookies, fruit salad, sausages with mushrooms, overnight oats with strawberries…..the list goes on!!

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Chicken Korma. A korma is mild and sweet tasting so my kids love it!




Sausage casserole – This is a great family meal and one you can prepare in advance and then just heat as required. Serve with green beans and some chunky bread to mop up the juices!



Chicken Fried Rice.


An easy way to get loads of veggies in and the egg i think makes all the difference! My kids love this! It’s a great way to use up leftover rice which makes this recipe super quick! I use a recipe from which i found on pinterest. You could throw in some mixed peppers too. I would usually use chicken thighs but again you can add any leftover chicken you have..tasty!






Chicken Satay…

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Kebabs are a great way of making food fun for kids. My kids love anything on a skewer!!…fruit kebabs, falafel, chicken, veg you name it! These chicken satay kebabs are really quick and tasty. The longer you marinade the chicken the tastier it will be but the chicken will still soak up the juices if left for just 20 mins.

First though soak the skewers if using wooden ones so that they don’t burn under the grill. Metal skewers are fine too though!…

Then grab some chicken mini fillets and put them into a dish, add a big glug of soy sauce, crushed garlic from 2 cloves, some finely diced ginger and a big spoonful of honey.

Weave them onto a skewer and then grill until cooked through, remembering to keep an eye on them and turning them regularly. Serve with satay sauce, rice and some veg.


Homemade burgers…i’ll serve these with sweet potato wedges and some salad and some big lettuce leaves which they can wrap the burger in!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this week and tried a few of these! out for the next week’s planner!


3 thoughts on “My first weekly planner!…whoop!

  1. Ok, so my eldest daughter never eats sauce or spice… EVER, and honestly tonight – after sausage casserole night, ‘mummy this is all delicious!’ I mean, Caz … game on. Here we go… I am now waiting anxiously for next week! Thanks for mixing things up and being super inspirational – love Annie xxxx

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